Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Saturday....

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!! It's been very nice so far for me....After taking my youngest to Nashville (actually met in Hopkinsville for the trade off) my hubby and I ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner....Very good as usual....We made it back home about 8:00 p.m. and I came directly into my ART Studio to play!!! I had fun reworking the Christmas card I was working on and added some crayon paper corners to the card as well as creating an accompanying envelope with a strip of my crayon paper on it and the words stamped on it with Versa Ink....turned out very nicely!!! I like this look better, the card looks more complete......finally layed my head on the pillow around midnight......

Then this morning when I got up I had the below listed design on my mind......I used cardstock layered over with aluminum foil...then used my sizzix and an embossing sleeve to emboss the aluminum.....This turned out SO nicely!!! The rest of the card came together quite well too....The flower is a combination of the twall paper, pearlized paper, faux flower petal, alchol paper, crayon leaves and a brad.....I think it adds the perfect touch to the card......

I also had to make a matching envelope....I LOVE to have my envelopes match my card....I just think it makes it complete!!!

I've completed my grocery shopping today and it's amazing how just a few craft items happened to hop into my cart!!! It's like I can't control them!!! LOL

Now I get to play for the remainder of the evening.....what to do what to do!!!

So, I've been playing and playing all evening.......I have created the below card using a coffee filter, crayon paper, pearlized paper, cardstock RS' of course and some Pearl Ex Mist I made up today......It turned out cool....First is a picture of the card and the accompanying envelope....second picture is a close up so you can see how awesome the Pearl Ex Mist shows a shimmer on the coffee filter!! I LOVE this effect!!!

Now I also must share this.....I was wanting an envelope that would accent the I decided to take a copy of one of my crayon sheets I had made......duplicate flip, duplicate flip and continued that til I covered the entire 11x17 area on my page (I did this all digitally) then I printed it out!!! OMG....It's GORGEOUS!!! Take a look at the envelope and then below is the whole sheet I created!!! I am SO proud of this and will be DEFINATELY making more of these!!!!

I am surely keeping the people in the south in my prayers as this terrible hurricane makes its path....I have a VERY dear sweet friend that is preparing to evacuate her home for safer area.....just waiting on the word for her postman hubby to be able to leave......They were hit with Faye just a few weeks ago and also Katrina 3 years ago!! I commend her cause I know I couldn't handle what she does......I just pray they and everyone is safe!!!!

Thank you for stopping by...I hope you come and visit me again soon!!! Until then, I pray you all have a very blessed and safe evening!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!

Yippie, I'm excited....aren't you!!! It's been a busy week for me......I am SO proud to say I sold the crocheted purse I shared with you all earlier in the week....I made a closure for it and it looked very nice when I mailed it out......It's winging it's way to it's recipient!! I've gotten addicted to making crayon papers and just love love love them!! Well I had a friend who asked me if I had any diecuts of leaves cause they would made wonderful Fall leaves.....I didn't...until Yesterday!! I raked in some goodies at Michaels with the 40% coupon of fyour ENTIRE purchase!! I was doing the happy dance out to my car after I got my treasures!!

They admitted Michael's had done a misprint but they are definately honoring the coupons......they last until August 30th....they did have to key each item separately but hey, who cares when you get 40% off, right!!

ANYWAY.....back to my story.....I found these awesome leave dies and just had to have I made up some crayon paper this morning and had to give them a whirl!!! See whatcha think...

I've also been wanting to make up some Christmas card sets for my store......So I came up with this design first...will be doing different ones...but like the look of this's the only one I've done so far....BUT, I have an ENTIRE weekend to play!!! I will also be making accompanying envelopes to compliment the card and stamp a phrase on the inside...

I took a close up of it so you can see the glitter of snow on the roof tops!!

Today it's one more day of work.....But I don't mind...I have an awesome family company I work for....I got to do the happy dance yesterday there too.....They purchased me (for work) 2 17" wide screen monitors so I could have double the work space for all the programs I have to use at one time....makes it SO nice.....and fun to do my work...and I get to surf the net when I want!!!

Tonight my youngest goes to Nashville for the weekend...but we get him back Sunday so we can have a total lazy day on Monday!!! Yippie for me!!! :) This has been a wonderful week and I've so enjoyed sharing it with you all.....I pray you all have a VERY safe and fun Holiday weekend.....OMG, Can you believe it's time for FALL!!! I'm SO ready....I just LOVE Fall colors and cozying up in the house with my lazy clothes, house shoes, coffee and ART Studio!!!! Sounds like a dream to me!!

Please be sure to come visit with me again...until then, everyone have a VERY blessed day!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Morning Everyone....

I hope your week has started off well......Already Tuesday before a 3 day weekend!!! Yippie...and extra day to play in my ART Studio all day!! I always love the sound of that....didn't get to post over the I had a house full of people...My oldest, Billy, came and spent the night with us Saturday....and Dylan had his best friend over as well...lots of laughs and good times for sure!

Sunday we had to take Billy back home and deliver Dylan's best friend to his home then pick up Dylan's girlfriend, who came and spent the day with us.....we also had a birthday party to go to....of which I've posted a card I made for the birthday person below......

BUT, I DID get time to play in my ART Studio....I love love love playing with crayons!! I made the two sets of crayon papers and have placed them in my store...aren't they pretty!! I just love the marbelized affect.

Then I made up some aluminum die cuts and some of them I embossed to put in my store as are a few of them that I did....I also made up some puzzle pieces, fleur de le's, ovals, square embossed accents, minature crosses, minitaure postage shaped and I'm sure there's something else I'm forgetting...but anyway you get the idea....

Then as I said earlier, we had a birthday party to go to on was for a boy...he loves I came up with this card......I love how it turned out and will probably make another for my store......I also made a matching envie which is displayed in the background!

Then, Lastly I finished a project I had been working on for a while....A crocheted purse! I just LOVE to me it is so relaxing.......I had started this then took it all apart and started over cause I didn't like the effect of some other fibers I had placed in it before...this I like better...I added some yoyo's to the front with some nailhead brads.......I believe I too will be placing this in my store..though I must get a better picture of it as it is actually a bit more brown then what shows up here!!

So as you can see I did have some fun playing this past weekend......I've got so many ideas spinning around in my head....I must just sit down and put it on paper so I don't forget anything....I hope you enjoyed visiting with me this morning and I hope you come back soon.....Never know what I'll come up with next!! Until then, have a blessed day!!! Thanks again!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy HUMP Day!!

Hello everyone...been a few days since I've been able to post...been busy trying to complete an ATC swap I was in and I had an order for a card!! The ATC is for a swap I'm involved in with the title of the swap is "Shuttered Windows"..I came up with this idea and though I LOVE about whipped my butt!! The ATC is definately 3D and even has real curtains..and window panes!! :) Isn't it cute!!

Now This next piece of ART is for an order for a card a friend requested for a cousin of her's that lives in California....She left the creation all up to me and this is what I came up with.....To me it shouts Fall is coming!!! I did an angle shot as well because there is alot of intriqite work done on the flowers and butterflies as well as the birdhouse and leaves....I love things that show texture....the flowers and butterflies I backed with aluminum (soda cans actually) and cut them out..this allowed me to shape them the way I wanted them and they would hold their shape...worked wonderfuly! Additionally on the flowers I wanted the fuzzy feel on the center of the I took some brown yarn and chopped it up real fine...then used come Matte Accents by Inkabilities made by Ranger and covered the center of the flower and put some of the fuzzy yarn there...It looks and feels amazing!! I layered the birdhouse and all the embellishments over a layer of wallpaper then two different colors of cardstock.....the base of the card is brown....I printed the inside paper with the same wallpaper I scanned it and printed it...then I made a matching envelope!! Turned out quite nice I think!!

Also thought I would share with you some ideas that popped in my head the other night......The first was my Dymo label maker.....I like how you can make the raised words...however I never really liked the colors available....SSSSOOOOO, I had this brilliant idea of using my alchol inks to cover them in a marble type pattern....then I sprayed with a matt fixitive and it worked wonderfully!!! Take a look.....

Then...since that worked so well I decided to take an aluminum can and cut it apart to use the inside of the can and I stamped with Stazon ink a dragonfly.....dabbed the background and edge with alchol inks...painted the wings and dragonfly with pearlized paints then took some Glossy accents by Inkabilities made by Ranger over the wings to give it a shiny look...... creations with the aluminum cans didn't stop there.....I thought..."hummmmmmmm..wonder how it would do embossing the aluminum" I got out some of my brass templetes and tried using a stylus to emboss the metal....didn't work well...THEN...a light bulb went on!! (Yes that does happen from time to time....:) )....I tried using my Sizzix die cutting machine (you know the one you probably have sitting around collecting dust as mine did) and it is AWESOME!!! Take a look at what I dabbled in.....I flipped one of them over so you can see it is really a soda can!!!

See, I have this friend named Angie who is WONDERFUL with recycling things into her it's got me thinking and rethinking everything I touch anymore!!! I thank Angie for giving me the desire to want to THINK of what I'm throwing away!!!!

Well, guess that's about all my updates for this evening.....I need to get those things posted into my ETSY store that I was supposed to do on Sunday.....I want to thank you all for stopping by and visiting with me.......I do hope you come again...leave me a message if you want...I LOVE seeing them......And most importantly...I pray you all have a safe evening and a blessed tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One more project...

I had to complete today was for my youngest son's girlfriend...Her 15th birthday is tomorrow...I was touched that my baby wanted me to make her a birthday card.....Her favorite color is GREEN.....Hummmmm, maybe that's where I came up with the color scheme... :) The large green focal point with the different birthday theme messages are a group of several small stamps I collaged together to create a large layout....turned out pretty well!! Then I had the Party ticket rubber stamp that I created in the same background as the background of the card.....What's so neat that I didn't realize until I had already put the card together....if you add the first two numbers and then the last three together...each totals 15!!! That's her birthday age this year....LOL, Just a little funny!!!!

The large happy birthday is also another rubber stamp and I embossed with a light purple embossing powder.....the card is raised on several layers...The envelope is tissue paper ironed to freezer paper, I crunched then smoothed out and a very nice effect!! I certainly hope she enjoys the card!! Happy Birthday Kendel...I love ya girl!!

Old Books Desktop Background

If you don't read them, at least look at them!
Those are some seriously old books, but a beautiful wallpaper.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good Morning...

Everyone and what a Saturday I had....when I said I wanted to spend my entire Saturday in my ART Studio...that's pretty much exactly what I did....with the one exception of hubby taking me to my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant for lunch/dinner!! Yummy......

My day began trying to design an envelope for the card I shared yesterday...I had this wonderful idea to take vellum and stamp with Stazon brown ink all over the paper and cut my envelope templete from that....but once that was completed I decided to add a little of my chalk ink pads...well...ooooppppssss, the Stazon ink smeared which totaly surprised me....SOooooo I thought, "crap...what am I going to do with this" I decided to play with some alchol inks on the paper to see what I came up with.....wasn't anything I would use for that envelope BUTTTT, definately had potentional for background paper...added a little crayon to the mix and see what I came up with.....

That just got my creative juices flowing even more.....Have I mentioned how fun playing with crayons and an iron is..... :) So I decided to use some of my glossy printer paper and made these below.....

In total...I designed 6 different designs.....Pretty Cool huh........Then I thought, you know...I'm gonna put these in my I cut them down to 4 1/8 x 5 and packaged them 6 to a set....keeping one set for myself of course......

BUT, I thought.....will people think...."what could I do with these"....soooooooooooo, I decided to come up with some ideas.....the first picture is a tag I created and some embellishment items....and a card I created using the crayon paper for leaves....Aren't they realistic!!!!

then after I got all this done I kept staring at the tag I had made.....It is SO gorgeous in person.....looked over at my paper supply....and came up with the below card...

The background paper on this card I printed myself from my computer (it's actually the design I did for the envelope for the card I shared yesterday!!)....the message is of course a rubber stamp, stamped with my Stazon brown ink...I love those stamps!

So, can you see how much FUN I had yesterday!!! Never did get that birthday card made yet....gotta make that today after church...especially since her birthday is tomorrow!!! :)

I have had SO much fun sharing all of my play and ART with you this morning...I do hope you will come again and visit.....until then, I pray you have a VERY blessed day!!

Happy Saturday...again...

I hope this posts finds everyone having a wonderful day!! It's another beautiful day here in Robards, KY....was a really good week but am surely glad the work portion of it is over!! I had much fun this week in my ART Studio....I of course did more organizing and did take new usual they are to the right of my blog.....

Thursday I decided I wanted to challenge myself to use a rubber stamp I've had for years but have never used do to being intimidated by it's volume and being able to give it justice....It did take me a couple days to create because I didn't want to just throw it together...Here's what I came up with....I do really like the way it turned out.....and will be using the stamp again as I really can see it has alot of uses....

For the background of the main image I used 3 different colors of chalk ink, then stamped my image in Stazon Brown ink and colored with my Zig markers and Gelly Roll pens...on the butterfly I colored the same and used Pearlex then squeezed a layer of Inkabilities by Ranger's Glossy Accents...I love that stuff....once dry I added 2 different colors of glitter....Have I mentioned I'm LOVING using just adds such a pop to your creations!!
The layer below the main image I used some pearlized paper and stamped with the Stazon Brown ink the same stamp over and over to cover then used a decorative edge punch and went all around the paper...the main card is a pearlized cream cardstock....then of course you see the brown ribbon I made into a bow and added a paper flower as well as a ribbon flower layered over each other.....Just to finish the envie!! So that's it.....and I love the affect!!
Once I complete an accompanying envelope for it and add wording to the inside it will be going into my ETSY store. Of which, I must get busy working on more creations for my well as making a birthday card today for my youngest son's girlfriend...her birthday is Monday! I'm excited that my whole day is able to be spent in my ART we'll see what I come up with....
I've spent the morning uploading photos into my online photo gallery as well as updating my blog...BTW, did you notice my new header...created that myself this morning...says warm and inviting to me...I use, most of the time, my favorite graphics program Corel Paint Shop Pro X2...though I have pretty much all the other graphic programs out there.....Adobe CS3, Photo Impact Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements second favorite would be the last I works great for extracting images from the background with just a couple clicks of the mouse!! Have a few more things to do to my blog then on to creating for me again!!!
I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me....Please come again...I enjoy sharing my ART with you!! Have a blessed day all!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Thursday...

Everyone....Hope you all are having a great week.....I got to play with paper last night and had loads of fun!! I was trying to create a piece of ART for a group I'm involved in it's really a great group of people....The challenge is to create an ATC using a PID's what I came up with...the image is the little girl.....

I did this ATC in 3D and thought it might be easier to get the total affect if you were able to view it at an angle so I took a shot of it that way too......

The very back layer of the ATC I created using alchol inks....which I've fallen in love with!!! and a couple of tree stamps I have stamped with distress inks.....the layer just below the top layer is a stamp of a wooden wheel barrell with flowers...I stamped with stazon brown because the paper was kinda glossy then colored with my Zig markers....I really had fun creating this card as it made me work outside my comfort zone.......

I just love working on swaps because it allows one to stretch their creative muse into areas they might not have thought of before...I definately plan to do more of these....I'm just bummed because there is definately more projects I want to do than time in a day......why oh why must one sleep!!!! :(

Today I must do that thing I'm coming home to play more with paper....and only one more day and it's FRIDAY!! My baby goes to Tennessee this weekend and my hubby knows where I'll my ART Studio!! :) I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day with you later...and as always...Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy HUMP Day!!

Everyone....I hope you week is going well.......Nothing exciting going around here so far......kinda good I guess... :) I've spent most of my week in the evenings trying to organize all the graphics on my computer...think I have about got in under now I get to play with paper more....speaking of which....this group I belong to has an amazing sale going on...check it out:

I have decided to have a sale.. This sale is 20% off ALL orders!!!
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Lots of new sheets have been added Fairy Wands, Amber and Jenna, DaVinciSketches, David, Madelin, Claire, Animal Prints, Victorian Women, PrettyWomen Inchies..Tim Holtz Stamps only $19.16 to $15.96
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If you find some items you just LOVE and gotta have I would appreciate if you would mention my name in your order!!

I just recently joined this group but can already tell I'm going to enjoy it there!!!

Well, guess that about it for now....getting ready to go to work...just wanted to drop in a quick Hello to everyone and which you all a very blessed day!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday....

Good Evening Everyone....I hope you all were able to enjoy your weekend...It was absolutely beautiful here...perfect weather!! Though it was a busy weekend.....Friday night started with my oldest son, Billy coming over to spend the night as we all were making a trip EARLY Saturday morning (like at 4:00 a.m) to Louisville, KY....for his benefit actually....He had an appointment to do testing to potentially become an US Border Patrol Agent.......This is something we've all discussed in great detail...and something we feel he would be PERFECT for....AND it will be the push he desperately needs to force him to learn to stand on his own two feet!!!

He should get his test results for the first phase hopefully in approximately a week......If you would, please keep him in your prayers!! Then after his testing was over we decided to go to Joe's Crab Shack before heading home...It was a great time as we ate dinner with a wonderful close friend of ours and her daughter...we just laughed and cut up.....what a wonderful visit we had!!
I snapped the below picture of my babies (Billy 22, Dylan 14) while we were waiting to be seated.....are they gorgeous!!! I'm not proud at all am I!!! :)

We got home about 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon....Billy was going to spend another evening with us....but his grandmother's (my mom) one bulldog died of a heart attack and he felt he needed to go back home and help her bury her and help console her and his grandpa.....which I totally understood....He's the ONLY one they will have any contact with anymore...very sad, but choices they've made.....I'll always love her....but know I can't do anything until she's ready.....I give it to the Lord, I know he's in control!!

I had planned to work in my ART studio Saturday evening...but was just just vegged and watched tv with hubby....Spent all day today in my ART Studio.....Organizing some things and working on two projects I was involved in.....The first was an ATC Swap labeled Locks & Keys with group.....It was a fun swap and I loved what I finally came up with...check it out....

Then I had another swap to work one for a group of ladies I've been friends with for a VERY long time.....we used to do swaps together ALL the time....but life got in the way and we ventured away from swapping with each other.....but one of the ladies decided to try and host a swap again...and alot of us jumped right in to join!! Was fun working on this swap....thought I would share with you what I created.......I am having a blast creating and working with marbelized papers I'm creating with my alchol inks!!!

Then I finally took some time and took pictures of my ART may view them in the slideshow that's to the right on my blog......check it out if you would usual I'm sure it will change as I gather more supplies.....As I'm having to rebuild my ART Supply due to clearing ALOT out several months back when I thought I was going to give up creating...Dummy me, I should have realized that would NEVER happen!!! So now, I'm in the process of collecting, collecting, collecting.....and am sure I'll never finish!!! :)

Let's see.....guess that about catches me's 11:30 pm here in Robards, KY...and morning will be here quickly...guess I need to get my behind in bed....BUT, before I go I want to thank you all for stopping by and catching up with me!!! I love sharing my life and my creations!! Take care, sleep well and have a blessed Monday!! Talk with you soon!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

2008 Beijing, Olympic Games HQ Wallpapers

One World One Dream! 
Good Luck Beijing! 

Wallpapers of The Olympic Games 2008, Beijing