Monday, September 29, 2008

This Flower Inspired Me....

I got to come home this afternoon and spend it in my ART Studio....I had created a card yesterday using a flower that I just had the best time working with....So today I got the desire to create a Mural......The overall dimension is 8"x10".....I REALLY love the way it turned out!!! It involved ALOT of cutting and layering but the affect came out wonderful on the flower I believe...there's alot of depth on the flower because I layered at different heights portions on the flower.....I've shown some angle shots below so you can seeall the layering to give an awesome 3D look....

I used one of my new rubber stamps for the message on the mural and I love the saying....
"Survivor - I have lived, laughed, loved and lost. I have cried, mourned and grieved, hoped, prayed and healed. I have found strength and true beauty. I am a survivor" . What a beautiful phrase!! One to live by for sure!! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my ART...I will be placing this in my ETSY store @ . Thanks for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray you all have a very blessed evening and Tuesday!!! Until next time....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I got to play with Paper!!!

Today was a fun and quite day.....This morning I had to haul everyone home then we came home to a quite house!!! :) Was a nice change of pace....I did some laundry, though not much.....caught up on my ETSY store by getting several things posted.....caught up on email and PLAYED WITH SOME PAPER!!! :) I had fun....I had a swap I needed to get completed so I can get in the mail tomorrow...I used alot of a wall paper in this card...

The base of the card is a dark brown heavy cardstock....then a layer of burnt orange cardstock that I then stippled with stazon olive green and stazon red around the edges.....I applied the same colors of stippling to the next layer of wallpaper and punched each of the 4 corners with a decorative punch....the top layer is also wallpaper theb I rubber stamped with my stazon black ink a word stamp that I have over and over to fill the whole sheet...I love this stamp....I took a pretty gold colored fancy trim and taped to the bottom portion of the top layer with a metal embellishment slide on the trim.....I then placed the layer into the punched corners of the layer below it....

The flower was also wallpaper border...I scanned the flower.....cut out the wallpaper to leave just the flower and adhered it to the burgandy layer then I printed out an extra image of the flower I had previously scanned......glued it to some aluminum and cut out the flower and a few leaves....gave them a 3D affect adhering it to the card....

The butterflies were also part of the wallpaper...I cut them out separately and gave them some added embellishments....the top one I added a little green glitter to and some sephia glossy accents to the wings and attached to the card in a 3D affect. The bottom butterfly I borrowed the idea from a card I received from my friend Rita the other day...I LOVED the affect a butterfly that was on the card had....I thought she had done it but she shared with me she had actually found them and purchased them already made that way.....Well I LOVED the idea so much I decided to do it myself.....I took some glue around the edges of the bottom layer of the butterfly and sprinkled brown glitter.....I then punched 2 small holes and took some wire and thread through the top cut out I had done and the bottom to attach them together.....I trimmed the edge with glue and also sprinkled with brown glitter.....then I took some Sephia Glossy Accents and applied to the top layer of the butterfly......then once dried I attached to my card...doesn't it have a WOW affect!!!

I've taken an angle shot so you can see the depth of the 3D embellishments I created!!! I really like the way the card turned out...though it's a bit busy I still think it looks great!!! Of course I also made a matching envie...I made this one out of actual wallpaper!

Anyway, that's my creation for today!! I had fun making it and I sure appreciate you stopping by to visit with me again!!!! I hope you all sleep well and have a WONDERFUL Monday!!! Until next time...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My BOYS Love their MaMa!!!

Lookie what MY boys did for me today!!! While they were out and about I asked them to go by Lowes and get me some paint samples and some formica samples!!! OMG, did they take care of their mama or WHAT!!!!

We laughed and laughed when they got home...they said people kept looking at them and tilting their heads.....they kept telling them I was wanting to pick out a color to paint a room and didn't know what I wanted!!! LOL When they got ready to leave their hands were over flowing so they went up and ask for some bags for their treasures....the employees just looked at them and laughed and gladly gave them the bags....They were MUCH braver than me!!! They are might sweeties and I love them bunches and bunches!!!! Just wanted toshare with you all so you could have a chuckle with me!!!! Thanks for stopping by...until next time!!

Happy Saturday....

What a beautiful day we're having here in Robards, KY!! The sun is shining and it's a gorgeous morning!!! I'm also SO excited because I've completed the order I had for 10 items......and an extra item to boot!!!

The first items is the last 2 of three of these type Christian Page Savers......I really like how they turned out.....I know they are different for sure but I'm thinking perhaps that's why people like them....the wooden piece at the top is a wood tile which measures approximately 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" in size....I punched a piece of my crayon paper into the cross shape....rubber stamped a word stamp over on it just to give it some activity with a stazon purple ink pad.....took a rhinestone and placed in center of cross.....the I modge podged the tile several layers worth....once dried I strung some wire through (the holes were already there which was nice)....and some beads...twisted the wire to achieve the look I wanted added my fibers to the top and the ribbon to the bottom and my crosses with a large bead to finish them off.......

The next item I needed to create were 2 pairs of earrings with purple accent......As you know I am stuck on leaves for right now....I just LOVE leaves!!! ;) So while searching the craft store I stumbled upon these and they just shouted...YOU WANT ME!!! So, I did....I then decided to give an added touch of some purple glass I strung these and added the 2nd layer to my creation....I love the silver accent that swirls through the large purple bead!

Then my last creation last night were the next set of earring with Swarovski Blue Chrystals.....I decided to take some silver wire and wrap through the top and bottom of the Chrystal and twist together on the backside...I REALLY like how these turned out......all the black accents on both the leaf and the chrystal blend PERFECT together!!! I'm thinking this pair will go into my store!!!

So...that was my night......felt I accomplished much! Today I will be preparing my packaging for these and some other items I had previously made for my store and hopefully get them posted this morning!

My oldest son, Billy, came over last night to spend the weekend with us....He, my youngest..Dylan...and his best friend went to the high school football game...WE WON....and they ended up bringing another of Dylan's friends home to spend the night...Needless to say my house is FULL this morning!!!! I'm sure I will end up making breakfast for a bunch of boys sometime this morning....then I plan to make my homemade Taco Salad for dinner tonight.....It's a special request I've gotten from both of my boys!!! :)

Anyway....I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me again!!! I so enjoy sharing my ART with you and it means SO much that you enjoy checking it out!! I pray everyone has a wonderful Saturday and I will chat with you later!! Until nex time......

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well I finished....

The third of the 3 cards I had an order for.....This was a re-make of an ATC I had made a couple of weeks ago....I added a few different elements to make the card the ribbon and an extra layer with a layer of black behind the passion collage I made.....On the back layer of black on the base of the card I used some of my pearl ex mist I made in the Russet color.....I do like the shimmer it gave that layer.....I am very happy with the way it turned out......I did a layer the color of the matching envie I made for the inside with a birthday poem...which is what the person who ordered the card wanted it for.....It was surely challenging creating larger versions of the ATC's I had already created...but it was so fun to get my mind to work it!!!

Well, that's it for me tonight...I did get caught up on emails...and next is to finish another sold order I have then I need to post some images to a group I belong too.....BUT, first my CSI season premiere is getting ready to begin in about 15 minutes and I gotta see it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by again.....I hope you all have a very blessed evening.....until next time....

Happy Thursday....

To you all......One more day til Friday!!! :) Well...most of this week I've been working on 2 sold orders of the orders are for remakes of items I've previously of them being the Halloween Card I made.....I did a remake of it and changed a few things....I traced the spider webs with a 3D gel pen this gave the webs a texture and a bit of a sheen....allows it to pop on the card a bit.....I also added a happy birthday embellishment because it is being used as a birthday card!!! How fun is that.......of course I also made a coordinating envie....I'm happy with the way it turned out.

The next card I made was a re-make of an ATC I made a couple weeks ago.....I changed it up by adding 2 more aperatures to the layout and again used my crayon papers on the iris folding, trimmed each leave with a gold pen....I cut larger leaves to accomodate the size of the card with some of my crayon paper and stamped with Stazon Black the word Fall! layed them out on the page the way I wanted them to look and stuck each leaf to the next with a glue dot before I punched the holes in the leaves....then I took some copper wire and weaved through each leaf and gave it a swirly look then attached with glue dots to the card.....I trimed the top layer with a gold pen.....also added more die cut leaves at the bottom......the back two layers I stippled the edges with 2 colors of distress ink, made a matching envie too....I really like the look of them......

I still will need to put the personalized messages in them...which I will do this evening......I as well, for this order, have one more card that is from a previous ATC I had made......I'll share that one once I get it completed...hopefully tonight!

I gotta say I've so enjoyed the challenge to do this.....It's fun to see something go from one format into another and the effect you receive!! I LOVE ART!!!!

I guess that's about it for me today......I hope you all have a SUPER day and I again want to Thank You for stopping by to visit with me!!!! Until next time.......

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Still Here.....

Hey Everyone...I hope I am finding you all doing well this morning!!! I've been out of sorts this past weekend and my creativity was NOT!!! :) I'm feeling MUCH better now and felt like playing in my ART Studio last night!!! I've been trying to work on an order I have received as well as make some items for my store......
Thought I would share with you what I've come up with so far......The first items is a Post-It Note holder.....I LOVE making these and this will be placed in my store....the embellishment in the center is from a Magenta Stamp.......I LOVE these detailed elegant looks....I embossed the image with gold embossing powder and then stippled the images with multi colors of ink pads....the background behind the flower is some of my crayon paper.....then I attached the flower with a rhinestone brad!

The next items I created are "Christian Page Savers"......once I get start making these I have so much fun I can't quit.....I've run out of charms so I must find more.......these have such an elegant look and are perfect for your favorite book....I will be placing each of these in my store as well...but wanted to share with you what I had created!!!

Today when I get home I must work on some cards I received an order for yesterday........I actually made a sale from some of the items I had created for some swaps I was involved in.....I'm so excited about that and look forward to making them!!!

It was a hot humid day here yesterday on our first day of Fall.....I believe we are to have the same again today.....sigh! I'm ready for Fall temperatures!!! :( I so enjoy having my windows open as I am very fortunate to not have allergies!!

Ok, I guess that's my update this morning.....Thank you SO much for checking in with me and sharing my creations!! It means more than you know!! I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed day!!!! Until next time.....take care!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Good Morning Everyone and I'm SO glad it's Friday!!!! Tonight & tomorrow we will be going to my hubby's class reunion!! Mine is in a couple of weeks!!! Not sure how much paper playing I'll be able to do this weekend!! BUT, I did get to play with paper a bit last night!!

I needed to complete the last 2 cards of my 5 card order......The person was wanting me to make a card for their youngest daughter and a card for her husband's mother from their kitties!!! :) How fun huh!!! So the below pictures are what I came up with.....

I took a whole shot and a close up angle of each of these so you can see the 3D of the images.....I used some flower stems (the center pieces of the flowers) and cut one end off and threaded through holes I made in the wisker area to make the wiskers more 3D....cute don't you think?

On the balloons I cut out some ballon graphics I printed and then covered each one with Glossy Accents....allowed to dry then I used my Stazon Ink pad and letter stamps to stamp out the daughter's name.......I also made a paw print using felt cut out the pieces to form the paw and glued them to an old juice bottle lid and used as a stamp to make paw prints on the inside of the card for their signature....really turned out cute!!! On the inside of each I also came up with cute little purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect sayings....just to bring a smile to their faces.....

As usual I made matching envies and that completes the cards.....I am happy with the way they turned out.....these were my most difficult 2 cause I had to really think about what I wanted to create with came together well I think!!

So, guess that's about it for me today....I'm sure work today will zoom by....maybe I'll have a short period to be in my ART Studio before we have to leave this evening.....I want to Thank You for stopping by to visit with me and see my newest creations!!!! I pray you all have a wonderful Friday and a very blessed and safe weekend!!! Until next time.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palm Trees

Palm Trees HQ Walls

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Hump Day...

To Everyone....I hope it has been a good day for you!!!

I was able to play with paper again tonight after the grocery adventure.....:( Me doesn't like the grocery!!! :)

I was able to create card 3 of the 5 I have an order for....this one is for a boy/young man.....I wanted something a bit I was looking through my images this idea popped in m I selected some complimentary patterns and printed them out....I cut rectangles out and ran them through my sizzix with an embossing template...then took some white cardstock to layer behind each piece...I stippled with complimentary inks then layered together and stitched with my sewing machine......I like the effect....On the large rectangle I stamped the happy birthday image with Stazon brown ink...... I really like the masculine look of this card!
I have 2 more cards to make for this person....they are going to be from their kitties so I'm waiting on some images of their kitties to incorporate in the cards.....hopefully I'll be able to work on them tomorrow....we'll see......

Tomorrow is Thursday....this week seems to be zooming by.....I hope you all have a wonderful evenings rest and I look forward to visiting with you again....Thank you for stopping by to visit with me.....Have a blessed night!!!! Til next time....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Evening.....

Everyone.....I did get one more card created tonight for the 5 I have an order for...this one is for a girl.....and she enjoys music....I thought this was cute as she is a very sweet girl and loves animals as well.....The base card is purple, the layers are decorative yellow/blue strips & a pink floral that I embossed with my sizzix machine....I inked one side of the embossing sleeve and it transfered the ink onto the paper when it embossed....I really like the look and will do this again.....

You'll notice on several of the areas of the piano and animals I made some things 3D, like the glasses of lemonade, the flowers, the bunny tail and the mouse tail, I also used some glossy accents on the glasses of lemonade as well as the vase......I thought it made the card more interactive!!! I connected all the layers with yellow brads.....I then layered the area for the rubber stamped message and embossed with a sparkly purple embossing powder.....happens to have music notes on it too!!! Connected these layers with purple brads!

I made a complimentary envelope as well at the inside layer I did in the blue strip and rubber stamped a phrase......I took a couple angle shots so you can see the dimensions....I liked the way it turned out and think it's really cute.....I hope she likes it!!!

Ok.....guess that's about it for me tonight....I'm a tired critter and need my beauty sleep!!! Thanks for stopping by again and visiting with me!!!!! I pray you all have a wonderful night/day and I'll talk with you again soon!!! Until next time....

Happy Tuesday!!

And Good Morning to you all.....I was able to get my paper fix last night and had quite fun.....I have an order for 5 cards which I'm now working on......thought I would share with you the first one I've completed...This is a Birthday Card for someone's mother...Have not yet put the phrase on the inside...will do that this evening....

but the flowers started as a black and white image from my computer....I sized it to the size I wanted...printed off onto white cardstock....before I started coloring I decided on the background paper I would want to use....the base of the card is brown....Anyway, on the flowers I colored them with my water color pencils....This is something that is also a first for me and I will definately be doing again....I absolutely love the softness of the color....I used a bit of colored pencil on the tips of the flower petals...then I take a water brush and wipe the water color pencil to cover the entire petal.....really cool look....I used green water color pencil on the leaves and stems and brown on the center of the petal....but after that I put some elmer's glue in the center of the flower and took some brown yarn that I had chopped and chopped into fine dust and used that in the center of the flowers to give them a fuzzy feel.

I colored a seperate sheet of flowers and cut 3 of them out...backed them with aluminum so they would be moldable....and placed them as a 3D effect on the card......I then took several of my dye inkpads and stippled the background around the flowers to match my background paper.....punched the corners and placed raised dots on the back.......I then rubber stamped and embossed the image onto the background layer...I gotta tell you a REALLY cool trick I learned off the internet and it WORKS!!! Take a used dryer sheet and rub all over the surface of the paper you are wanting to emboss.....When you stamp and sprinkle the embossing powder over'll see once you pour off the excess powder there is VERY LITTLE left over on the surface of the card!! I use this technique every time and it's I will have to take a loose bristled brush to flick away a few strays but NOTHING like before.....Try it sometime, I bet you'll love the trick!!

Ok, back to the card.......I then took a sheer ribbon and wrapped around the card then took a smaller piece and tied a knot on the ribbon that wrapped around and angled the edges.....I love the look....and LOVE using black and white images to create just the color scheme I want!!!! I of course made a matching envie, which completes the card!!!

Tonight I will be again in my ART Studio playing with paper...trying to work on the remaining order I have and who knows what else!!! I want to again THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!! Take care, till next time!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Morning Everyone......I feel like I've been in the dark ages!!! We had the wonderful winds from Hurricane Ike roll through Robards, KY yesterday and knocked out our power from about 10:00 a.m. til 8:15 p.m. last night......I felt like my arms had been cut off!!! I can so feel for the poor souls that were so much more impacted then my slight inconvenience.......I was never so excited as to see my reach to the world come back on last night!!! :)

However I DID have a very productive Saturday....I had much fun playing with paper and wanted to share with you all what I created!!!! I had several swaps I'm signed up for in a yahoo group I belong I needed to get these completed so I could create some ART for my store I had to get busy.....Just thought I would share with you what I created!!!!

First is a "Folded Pocket Card" Swap with Tags......I created my own 2 sided paper and printed...using the paper also in my well as the matching flowers...also incorporated some of my crayon papers in the leaves...also used rubber stamps and gold metallic pen and ribbons! I'm sharing the tags as well as the holder....

The next item I want to share with you is for an "Anything Goes" Swap.....I decided to make a Post-It Holder.....I'm wanting to make some of these for my store and I thought I would try out my idea on this swap.....Again I printed my background papers I wanted to use so I could have them compliment each other......Using yet again some of my crayon papers in the leaves....I cut a bunch of grapes from the image sheet covered with versamark and embossed with clear embossing powder.....I glued the inside and outside designs together...of which I had printed onto cardstock to give the holder some substance....I used velcro fasteners to close.....You can also noticed that I embossed with my sizzix the front flap and the top item on the holder.....trimed each layer with my gold pen...This worked out rather nicely and I will be making more....

The next these was "Tag" swap......You know how I LOVE I used my sissiz with a flower die cut the aperature from the design I had printed......then I did my IF technique with some decorative papers I printed.....cut the paper to the desired size and trimed the top to give it a tag shape...I layered it over cardboard and then backed with the same paper......added ribbon with a charm at the bottom, the embellishments at the top and complimentary ribbon.....I love the effect.....I also included a close up of the IF for you to see!!!

The last creation I made was for a "Halloween - Purple, Orange & Green" swap.....The base of the card is black, then I layered with a green background design I printed, then with a purple designed paper, then orange that I added a web graphic to each of the 4 corners.....I trimmed each of the layers with a gold pen....the image is a fun graphic that I printed and ran through my sizzix to emboss and trimmed with gold pen, layered over a piece of black cardstock and OF COURSE added some of my crayon leaves.....I layered 3 different colors of ribbon on each other and put the ribbon under the image layer.....I love the look of the card and think it looks very fun!!! I also made a matching envie to accompany the card!!

So, now that I've gotten to share with you I feel much better!!! I missed my connection to the world!! LOL

I also completed an order I had for 2 cards and 2 book I was a busy bee...I will defiantely be in my ART Studio when I get home from work today......and I'm excited to say I've received an order for 5 cards and a book thong!! Yippie for me!!! So a creating I go!!!

I can't tell you how much I truly appreciate you stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray each and everyone of you have an amazingly blessed day!!! Be safe and I'll visit with you later!!! Until next time!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Yippie!!!!

Good Morning everyone......BOY did I have fun playing with paper last night!!!! I've decided I need to get my butt in gear this weekend and work on Christmas cards for my store.....but...first, I have several swaps I need to get complete to free up my time.....So I decided when I got from work yesterday to do just that and only that...LOL, I even forgot to eat dinner... :) So's my first ATC I came up with yesterday...It's for the ATC_World group I belong to and the challenge was "Black & Orange".......I printed a black & orange checkerboard pattern for the very back layer...then printed the black two tone floral print on transparency and layered over the bottom layer......I also printed a black design as well as some orange designed papers...I used my sizzix dies to cut the corner flower punches to make the flower and also some of my crayon papers...

then I took some scrap orange scrapbook paper and cut it into lengths took 3 rubber stamps and made a design to fill the paper and stamped the work Passion in the middle...tore the edges stippled Stazon black ink around the border........Didn't it turn out pretty!!! Not bad for black and orange and it's NOT a pumpkin!!! :) next swap for the ATC_World group was "Tag, You're It", the challenge was to make an ATC sized tag or your interpretation....just some where on it had to be a tag.....So, I took some library cards and cut them down to the required size 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"....used one of my favorite rubber stamps I have and stamped the library card...cut the angles on the top...stippled 3 different colored inks on the card, the I put a strip of lace on....I remember using the technique of rubber stamping stickers and laying them out on the card so I decided to do that with a butterfly rubber stamp....colored with colored pencils, then stippled with 3 different inks....transfered to my ATC...I added some corner embellishments and flower accent and fibers to the top!!

I love the look, cause to me it's soft and elegant!!! Isn't it pretty!

Ok....the last swap I worked on for the night was also for ATC_World and it was called "Indian Summer"...Hummmmm, what to do here I thought.......didn't take me long to think of how I am LOVING leaves at the moment and felt that would make for a perfect medium.....SO, I found a bacground image I felt said Fall and printed it on to photo paper....used one of my die cuts and cut out the leaf pattern.....then I used MY crayon papers to do the iris folding.....I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of Iris looks so intricate!!! before I did the IF on the back I edged the leaf with a gold Marvy pen.....Ok, then I took some more of my crayon paper and punched some leaves....large and small.....

With the large leaves I used some letter rubber stamps and stamped out the work FALL and punched a hole in the top of each leaf and took some copper wire, twirled the edges and ran through the it a nice effect don't you think.....

Lastly I edged the ACT with my gold Marvy pen and whoala!!! Complete....Simple but very impactful don't you think!!!!

I gotta say I had just the BEST time making a mess with paper in my ART Studio and am looking forward to doing more of it tonight!!! I must go to the grocery at some point this weekend, then I have SEVERAL swaps for the Paper Follies group I belong to......ONCE those are completed then I need to gear towards Christmas!!! It's going to be here before we know it!!!

Ok, guess that about does it for me this morning!!! I pray Ike leaves you wonderful people in the south safe and unharmed!!! As usual, I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me.....have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend!!! Until next time!!! ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Thursday.....

Hello all....I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday....I was so aggravated last night as I kept trying and trying to share my creations and the internet was not cooperating for me.....SO....I decided to try once more this morning.....

Look at what I've taught myself....Treble Crochet.....It is so fun to do!!! I whipped up this scarf in just a matter of hours......I added some eyelet lace and buttons along the bottom edges and used some VERY soft off white fibers for the fringe!!! I will be making more of these and this one will be going in my store.....I've also included a close up so you can see the accents to the bottom better.....I love these colors together!!

The next item I wanted to share with you is the other scarf I finished a couple weeks back...this was double crochet......I waited until I could decide on what I wanted to do for the fringe....My high school colors (a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time ago..:) ) were scarlet & gray...I always loved these colors together so I decided that was a good choice....The gray fibers are super silky feeling as are the red ones.....I think it gave a nice full look to the fringe!!!

I also took a close up so you can see the fibers well here too!!!

Anyway, these are my creations for today...I'm in the process of completing an ATC swap for a group I'm in....I've completed my just need to put together...which I will be doing when I get home today!!! Have I mentioned I'm having FUN!!! I love ART, love creating, and love playing with fibers and paper!!!

I also love the fact you decided to take time to stop by and visit with me again!!! I truly truly appreciate it and hope you will come back again soon!!! Take care...have a blessed day and I'll talk with you again soon!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's SO addicting...

I just can't make one!!! LOL....I'm signed up for an ATC Background swap with ATC_World with Yahoo and I decided to create some of my crayon papers for a background......I only needed 6 ATC size pieces but I couldn't help myself!! I kept creating and creating until I had come up with 6 different designs!!! Aren't they YUMMY!!!! So now I have extras to play with!!!!

Just thought I would share the pretties with you too!!! Thanks for stopping by....till next time...have a blessed evening!!!


I just HAVE to share!!! I received my FIRST blog award!!! Yippie!!! It's from my dear sweet friend Angie!! Thank you SO much!!!!

Now I get to pass the wonderful award on to 7 blogs that I just LOVE!!!! Here are MY choices...(which was very difficult....cause Ang already snagged a couple!!!! :) )

Tammy Hixon -
Kimberly -
Elizabeth Golden -
Fabrizio -
Mel -
The Artful Mama -
Nancy Dooren -

Now You each get to pass this award on to 7 of your FAVORITE Blogs that inspire you!!!

All of these blogs have amazing ART!!! Thanks again Angie for this AWESOME surprise!!! I'm still on cloud 9!!!!

Have a blessed evening!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Weekend's About over....

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend....It's been a VERY pleasant weekend here in Kentucky, not humid and a bit breezy outside!! Perfect weather actually!! I'm so glad to hear those impacted by the one hurricane faired fairly well...I certainly hope Ike decides to hightail it back to sea and leave everyone alone!!!

I spent most of last week and the first part of my weekend organizing my digital images!!! Talk about a job and a half!! I believe I FINALLY have somewhat control over them now....I am an organizational nut and can't stand things to be out of place....the images were driving me crazy because I couldn't find anything.....SO, some 40+ hours and 40GB of images later I found the light!!! :)

So, after I had that task behind me I allowed myself some time to play with paper!! I was surely missing it!! I had an Anniversary card I needed to complete for an order I had received.....The woman is wanting it for her I wanted it to be masculine......I used images from my computer...(which I organized!!! LOL) the rectangle on top I printed out then put through my sizzix with an embossing sleeve I have then used a copper & gold sharpie around the edges....I used a bit of sandpaper over the raised images to give it a bit of a distressed look......then I took some Antique Gold rub-on cream and swatched it over the embossed card.....The base of the card is a shimmer dark gray...then I used a background image and sized it to the size of my card and used is as the bottom layer....adhered my embossed paper to the top of it....below that I RS the word "memories" and embossed with a copper colored embossing powder....I added a decorative accent and then a rhinestone square to the center of that......On the inside of the card I did a matching background and typed a beautiful poem.....

Of course my card would not be complete without a matching envelope...that I printed with my large format printer and cut out the envelope......I do believe it looks quite masculine....It is now winging it's way to the person who ordered it...I do hope she likes it!!

Then I had an ATC swap for ATC_World yahoo group I belong to...the theme is "Shaker Card".....I am SO in the mood for Fall...and I just love Fall colors..and I currently have a fasination with leaves...I decided to make my shaker part crayon papers layered over some aluminum and punched with one of my small leaf punches in 3 different color designs I had previously created.....

The background of the ATC I stippled with 2 colors of my Distress Ink Pads then ran the stippled cardstock through my printer and printed the image of the tree on the cardstock.....I also printed a transparency sheet of the trees.....remembering to print it in a mirror image so you can see a depth in the tree when layered over the bottom layer.....I also then printed a decorative frame image I have and sized to the ATC size of 2 1/2"x3 1/2"...then I cut the middle of the frame area out and glued the transparency image to the backside of the frame.......

Once that was completed I put a layer of foam tape all around the parimeter of the bottom card...placed my punched crayon colored paper/aluminum leaves inside and placed the frame/transparency sheet over the top to enclose the leaves.....when you shake it you see the leaves move.......I printed off a phrase I have which I felt was perfect for the card full of Autumn and then wrapped the ribbon around the bottome 3rd of the card......And that's it....that's my ATC...Here it is if you want to see......I also took an angle shot so you can see the depth of the card and the leaves inside......

I have several more swaps to work on.....but I wanted to share with you all what I've created so far!!! I was getting so envious seeing and hearing about what all my ARTist friends were creating and I had grounded myself til I had my task at hand completed...that it felt so good to finally get to play that I took my time with these two pieces!!!

I made extras of the if there is anyone out there who would like to do a one on one swap with me with this card or the Window Shuttered ATC card I did a couple of weeks back....I would be happy to make a swap!!! I LOVE ATC's and have my ART Studio walls covered with the ones I've received through the years!! I love looking at them over and over because they fill me with so much inspiration!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week and you all stay safe!!! I as usual want to THANK YOU ALL for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray you all sleep well and have a SUPER Monday!!! Till we chat again!!! Bye for now!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome HQ Wallpapers

The new browser, google Chrome

Google Chrome Wallpapers

Created by Silfiriel
with the might of Photoshop and Picasa 3