Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a NICE Surprise!!!!

What an amazingly sweet sweet wonderful I have in Rita Loyd!!! Thank you my friend for this wonderful nomination you've give me!!!!! What a surprise I received and I feel very touched....the rules for the award are as follows:

The Premio Dardos award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.The rules are:1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.2) Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
So....Here are some WONDERFUL people I'm passing my award to!!!
All of these blogs are by some extremely talented ARTists and I truly enjoy viewing them on a regular basis!!!!!


I go through these things like hotcakes!
The pink Barbie phone was definitely my favourite. I used to get blisters on my fingers from texting my BFF like all the time.

They really need to make these things more durable. Goddamn planned obsolescence.

I got a new hit song on the way called callmeonmycell. I'm hoping to sell it to a cell phone company to make back some of the thousands of dollars I've given them for their shitty phones.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jaylog's Personal Issues

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiny Tim remix

God bless Tiny Tim.
what a freaky bastard.

ps. I hate cops!


this is an old technique but it seems to work well.

Malmö Beach Night Party

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Kids love us.

This is a shot by Mr Shawn McPherson from our Smearballs youth initiative motivational powerpoint presentation tour 2008.

More of Mcpherson's photography here.

Monday, February 23, 2009



Extreme Folk Metal

This is pretty much my new favourite band.
The fiddler and the guy beating the single drum are unbelievable.

There's men, underground
Who have never seen the sun
But they really know how to party
Little men from underground
Who have never seen the sun
But the really know how to party

The rise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing
And they fight and dance 'till the morning

Tables full, reindeer meat
And the camp fire shines and the brick walls are full candles
Tables full, wooden pints
They don't care about their sins
They just wanna get drunk and party


Long war is now past
Only good men have lasted
They need women, meat, beer and rom
Fight battle full of blood no thoughts about god they just slaughtered killed and tormented

Sunday, February 22, 2009

H.E.S.S. Widescreen Wallpaper

The High Energy Stereoscopic System - The H.E.S.S. telescopes
The ultimate blend of geeky and cool.
A fantastic wallpaper.

space granny

They're coming to get ya.

Watch out for the Smearballs Space Crisis!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


The road to Serenity


That's right! A new home on the internet for Smearballs.

Right now it's just the blogspots but we'll rock the hypertext soon enough.

10 ways to die in Hollywood

A long time ago, both Smearballs#2 and myself acted in this movie by Jenn E Norton called 10 ways to die in Hollywood. I'm the homeless guy and smeary is poopin' in a field( in part 2).

Friday, February 20, 2009


somebody made this fanclub channel & vizz


Nightmares Of Fame

Well, I am very fortunate that our VIZZ was featured on boingboing, but I'm sure all the attention is what caused me to have an incredibly terrifying nightmare last night.  I should also note that a clairvoyant vision healer ( a relative of Smear #1) predicted that the Smearballs are going to become huge this year.
Here's what happened in my dream;  I was being dragged to an audition by and old friend from grade school to a film that was currently being shot.  On arrival, the casting agents took one look at my face and sent me to wardrobe.  I didn't read a single line, or have any idea which part they gave me!  The set was pure chaos and while I was trying to find my way to the right place I bumped into the star of the film.  He looked like a young Ryan Gosling from when he went to high school on a cruise ship.  at that point a small crowd formed and he asked me, "Can I kick you in the leg now?"  And I replied, "Sure, but I might bust your head in." He tried to kick me, but I busted him in, with this sort of open-palm bitchslap punch to the front of his face.  He ran off and I could hear in the sirrings of this much larger crowd that he was going to get his costar to deal with me.  Sure enough,  the costar shows up and its DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.  And he kicks my ass.  Nice and slow, to make sure I am adequately humiliated in front of what is now a giant crowd of people.  The worst part was, I didn't even fight back.  I just let it happen.  Fuck you Ryan Gosling.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grossest Sandwich ever.

I'm working on a new video project that incorporates a lot of whacked out characters; Johnny the Irish Gypsy, Cad Gold Jr., Jayvlog 89, Smearballs, and a large group of unsuspecting elderly people from long term care facilities in southern Ontario . It all takes place in outer space and it involves time travel. I'll explain more as it comes together.
Special thanks to Mark at Boing Boing for posting my vizz last night.

Special no thanks to the jerk who filed 2 more false DMCA's on Jamie's World videos last night. It's awesome that a middle-aged loser with nothing better to do than harass people on the internet has waged such a war against a guy pretending to be a middle aged loser with
nothing better to do than harass people on the internet.

It's another day to celebrate!!!

Someone else's birthday is coming up and I had another request for some Birthday Cards!!!! They are both for the same person......I'm hoping the first one is enough of a masculine look....I think so, so I'm going with it...I love the way this turned out....I sorta made my own nestabilities type scallop circles.......I used a RS for the birthday image on the top layer of scallops.....I embossed with black embossing powder then used some of my Distress Ink Pads and then spritzed with water..the colors blend so pretty!!! The very top embellishment is just a round piece of cardboard that I covered with Distress Ink pad and then covered with clear embossing ink and clear embossing powder and embossed......the perfect shade to blend in with the card.....I cut SEVERAL of the "E" monogram from regular cardstock and then glued together to give the effect of chipboard letters....the top layer I cut with some of the wallpaper the background layer is........

The background layer of wallpaper I actually sliced in half and then embossed each half with different embossing sleeves then taped back together and that's where my ribbon is placed to help cover the seam.......I used some of my sizzix dies for the corner pieces that I cut from one of the coordinating wallpapers I'ved used on the scallops.....lined a piece of burgandy cardstock behind the background then mounted to a kelly green cardbase.......

The envelope...I modified a premade one and then embellished with wallpaper and ribbon that matches the card....I really like the way this card set turned out!!! Of course having the opportunity to use my cricut makes it all the more better!!! :)

This next card is from the gentleman's daughters.....he loves the Chicago Cubs and I was asked to incorporate Wrigley Field somehow in the card.......So here's my version........where the displayboard is supposed to be I cut that area out.....used my cricut to cut some metallic black cardstock with the phrase "Happy Birthday Dad".......backed a sticky sheet of cardstock behind the cutouto and then the layer of the phrase in the middle of the opening...I carefully covered the perimeter with black glitter then covered the words with antique gold glitter...doesn't it look like a live billboard!!! :)

Here's a shot of what I did for the inside....I took an image of the field with a crowd and cut it out to match the front of the card.....I did put the phrase in...I thought it fit perfectly for the nature of the card!!!

I really am looking forward to hearing what he thinks of this card.....I believe it will probably be one of his favorites!!!! He's a real cool guy and he has an amazing relationship with his two awesome daughters!!!!

So now I believe I'm completed with everyone's requests for cards for a bit and now I get to begin working on several swaps I'm signed up for!!!! I can at least relax a bit!!! I, as always....want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me.....and taking time to share my ART with me!!! I do hope you will stop by again soon!!!! I hope you all have a very blessed day....until next time...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Windows 7 Spring Wallpapers

Windows 7 Desktops

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you have all enjoyed the special day with your sweethearts!!! My hubby and I went out to dinner last night as he had to work today...but that's ok.....he's still my valentine!!! My older son....Billy wanted me to make a special card for his girlfriend....he came up with the idea of wanting wings a calla lily (Amy's favorite flower) a rose (Billy's favorite flower) and a heart.......he gave me the wording and wanted me to create something for him.........

So, this is what I came up with.......I did alot of cutting of the wings, flowers and heart...but it's least it wasn't a zillion of them...I did use my cricut for the wording....I also used some of my cuttlebug embossing sleeves but because the paper was larger than my sizzix opening would allow I decided to use my pasta machine....worked WONDERFULLY!!!!! Opens up so many ideas!!!

On the heart I used some Glossy Accents by Ranger on the rubys to make them look 3 dimensional.....gave the heart a really nice affect!!!

The words I of course cut with my cricut and then you can see the inside element pops up with the card is opened!!! I REALLY like the way the card turned out!!!!

Billy called a few minutes ago and said Amy LOVED the card....she has it on top her entertainment center so everyone can see it!! She called and told me it was the most awesome card she's ever seen...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, made my heart smile!!!! She's a keeper for my son I think...she has such a sweet gentle heart and she understands my baby!!! What more could a ma'ma want!!!!
Ok, thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!! I love sharing my ART with you...please come by again.....Have a blessed remainder of the weekend....until next time....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jayvlog89 Responds to Janet's Poetry

in response to Janet:

Oh My Goodness...I made it!!!!

Talk about a LONG night!!! But boy did I have fun!!! I have definately gotten my fix of paper the last 2 days!!! Feel like I've done a Marathon!!! I had requests for a total of 7 cards for Valentine's Day!! Can you say WOW!!! I had completed 3 of them on Wednesday which I shared with you yesterday morning......Well, while at work yesterday I received a request for an additional 3 cards!! Talk about making me feel good!!!

So, here's the first one...This is for a little girl I believe is 6 years old.....I love the soft loving colors don't you......

The next is for a little boy I believe is 3!! Doesn't ALL boys love Monster Trucks!!! Hopefully he'll enjoy this card too!!

Ok...This next one is for a co-worker....He and his finace' are getting married in a couple of months.....they own a chincilla (sp?) so if you look carefully inside you'll see a surprise of confetti of pictures of their Chichi!! This card is very deep but would be a great card to frame after Valentine's Day as a rememberance of this special time in their lives!!

And this last one is for another's for his wife and I have to say I love this card!! The soft delicate colors of the card with the ribbon and butterfly I think set off this card!!!

I must say I am above myself thrilled with the outcome of these cards!!! Very labor intensive but oh so worth it to me!!! I love detail and embellishment.....and I believe each of these cards I've created have exactly that...They are each one of a kind and I pray they are as special to the recipients as they are for me to have made them!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH Give-A-Way

It's that time!!! Wahoo...the day of the Give-A-Way!!!! Ok, I had so much fun doing this and will definately be joining in the fun next year!!!! The lucky winners for my give-a-way are as follows:

Has won the Braclett/Earrings set!!!! I hope you enjoy these!!!! Thank you so much for playing!!

Life on an Artistic Shoestring
She has won the Card Set shown below.....I really hope you enjoy these!!! Thanks so much for playing!!!!

I hope you both enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them!!! I am so blessed to have been able to meet new blogs and enjoy so much ART!!!!!! Thanks for joining in on the fun everyone and I do hope you come by to visit with me in the future!!!! Take care...until then...

Tony Mahoney's new song

Out of my head feat. Pea (Peanie Weenie Messini)

The Muse is Coming Back!!!

I have been feeling rather poorly this week and had lost my muse!!! What a better way to get it back then to get some card orders!!!! :) I've received an order for 4 cards......I have been able to complete three of the 4.......did them last night and this morning........1 masculine & 2 kids Valentine Cards........Once I came up with the ideas in my head I had alot of fun with them!!!

This first one is a Shaker Card and it's for a man..........the script reads..."You are my Everything Happy Valentine's Day" I created the layer with wallpaper and my cricut expression with the Inkscape and SCAL software....I just LOVE my cricut and the software...I know I've said it before but I just have to say it again....Possibilities are absolutely endless!!!!

This next card is for a girl....she's 9 and a sweetheart...I used of course my Cricut Expression, CDS, embossing sleeves and more!!! I HAVE to share with you the gorgeous green strip with the red ribbon threaded through it is some of one of my really good friend's handmade've got to check out her store..Chrystal Schilling she is VERY gifted with her ART of handmade papers.....The inside of the card will have a very cute phrase which I shall complete this evening...

This 3rd card is also for a girl whom I believe is 12......she's a very mature 12 and I thought these colors would make her smile!!! I did alot of layering with this card and I love the soft colors....It will as well have a cute saying on the inside in reference to the ballons.......

All in all I'm thrilled with these 3 cards and look forward to finishing them up and creating one more this evening....The last one I have to create will be for a female...I'll be sure to share it with you!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit with me....PLEASE come by again...until then....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Lovin my Play Time!!!!

I'm so enjoying my weekend and having time to play!!! I needed to complete a Book Swap for that I'm in......I used my new found knowledge from some Cricut SCAL groups I belong too and used my Inkscape program I have to create the layers......It's rather simple to do once your learn the steps.....once I completed my work then I used my Expression to cut them out.....I tried using cardboard but my cricut didn't like it because I need to learn the depth details better, which will come in time.... so I just cut several layers and glued together......I used some of my wallpaper books and then rubberstamped and embellished from there!!!

I have a comb punch for the edge to make books and it made punching the holes a snap!!! It was the first time I had used it and am SO hooked with this puppy!!!
Now I'm off to go play some more but wanted to share with you all!! Thanks for coming by again and visiting with me...Please come back...Until then....