Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you don't know Pruane, he is in the top 25 most subscribed youtubers in Canada & a huge 50 cent fan. The comments on his videos are hilarious. This kid is a hate magnet. The overwhelming negativity doesn't seem to phase him one bit. He's found a killer way to cash in on his puberty.

his channel

T-Shirt Logo

For those of you who like to ware shirts, come and get one at the Vizz Battle at the MOCCA. Here is the new logo!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Free hat collection

Here's a PSD of stuff i cut out of the internet for all you photoshop wizards.
with bonus horse and accessories.
-Thor helmet
-beer helmet.
the possibilities are endless.
Free Download


Penis Butter- new video coming soon

Here is the sound track to the new Smearballs Vizz -'Penis Butter'


We'll be showing Penis Butter along with a whole bunch of other nonsense at Videodrome on this coming Saturday April 4th at the MOCCA in Toronto.

here is the facebook event

HERE is our artist statement.

Here are some video stillz

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess you could say....

This has been a very productive weekend for me.....especially today!!!! I have had SO much fun in my ART Room!!!! Between my computer and paper what more could I ask for!!! LOL

Ok, so I created an Anniversary card for a swap I'm in with Crafty Card Creators a Yahoo Group.....I wanted to make it sorta different so I designed this entire card from scratch in Inkscape.....from start to finish....found some graphics I like that I've got stored on my computer and converted them to the appropriate cutting file then combined them together to create this card front......

The inside backing I created a design that I made using several graphics and backgrounds I have collected and then printed on acetate.....lined the back of the front cover and then used an off white as the inside lining of the card......and wrapped a ribbon at the bottom....a simple but yet elegant card don't you think.......

If you are interested in the file I designed you may download it here or click on the picture of the file below.......Please feel free to download or share my blog site with others that might be interested in it.........

Then I decided to work on an ATC swap for the Craft Card Creators Group I belong to.......I wanted to do something outside the ordinary....so I decided to print images on acetate and layer together to give the ATC depth......it's kinda hard to get a good image because of the glare and the finish the acetate has on the backside.....the ATC is really MUCH prettier in person!! I'm quite happy with the way it turned out and look forward to it's recipient receiving it.......

Ok, guess that 'bout does it for me tonight....or should I say morning...I best get my fanny off to bed or I'm not going to want to get up for work!!!! I want to THANK YOU all for choosing to stop by and visit with me.....it truly makes my day!!! I just love when you take time out of your day to leave me a little hello!!! I hope you all have a SUPER Monday!!!! Talk with you soon...until then....

And One more set....



Ok...............I THINK this is my last layout set for the night...Now on to some swaps...I've still yet to create!!!!! Thanks for checking my blog out and I hope you all have a blessed evening!!! Please come by again...until next time....

Here's one more.....



Another Layout

I created this...this morning......I hope you like it........



As always I want to THANK YOU for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a blessed day!!! Until next time....

Jamie v-sponds to singer songwriter

in response to-

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Summoned by her Majesty the Queen to get probed

Officer Dickface told me that I have been commanded by her Majesty to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice this coming Tuesday. On Feb 25th I brought my hot Ford Probe to the mechanic to get certified because I was about to sell it to a friend the following day. The mechanic took it for a test drive after installing new brake pads and got pulled over by Officer Dickface. Dickface was quick to realize that the license plates were registered to my old car, the vehicle was still registered to the previous owner (my buddy Jumbotron), and there was no insurance on the vehicle. The officer called me and told me to come to the garage because he wanted to discuss a few things. He first asked me how I got the vehicle to the garage. I told him I pushed it there since it's 200 meters from my studio. He told me that he didn't believe me and gave me $5200 worth of fines; a couple hundred bucks for having bogus plates (which I don't mind paying because it's about the same as registering the vehicle), and $5000 for enabling someone to drive my vehicle without insurance. Meanwhile the mechanic had his own insurance, I could argue that the vehicle was not mine since I never registered it, and I didn't even know the mechanic was going to drive it off his property, nor did I give him permission to drive it.. and what the hell does Queen Elizabeth have to do with any of this? I thought Trudeau got rid of that bitch in '82. Anyway.. I have my hot shot criminal defense lawyer on the case. She's the best in the city- puts criminals back on the street every day.
I also got a wonderful letter in the mail from the State of West Virginia saying that I am no longer allowed to operate motor vehicles in the State of West Virginia for some other funny business that happened in Dec on my way home from Miami. The fact of the matter is that I don't even want to operate a motor vehicle in West Virginia. It's a crappy state anyway so screw them. In conclusion I really hope everything goes well on Monday, and I hereby command her Majesty the queen of not my country to mind her own business.

Windows 7 HQ Wallpapers (part 5)



Windows 7 HQ Wallpapers

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Previous builds Windows 7 Wallpapers:
Windows 7 Wallpapers (build 7000)
Windows 7 Wallpapers (international build 7000)
Fan Art Windows 7 Wallpapers

Friday, March 27, 2009

Smearbook? Faceballs?

Smearballs are now on the facebook!

Become a fan!!! spread the Vizz! <----click here

Smearballs#2 imposter lifts meat with beard

Eamon Daly lifted 42lbs of gyros meat with his beard and bears a striking resemblance to Smeary#2.

Full article here

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing Again....

With some paper!!! Been a while but it was fun!!! I had to complete a swap for Handmade Cards With Care a yahoo group.......The theme was "Glitter, Glitter, Glitter"......I love glitter but being in the digital world for a while I had to work on my "mojo"....LOL.....

I used my cricut to cute the decorative edges of the two layers and after I cut out the top layer I ran it through my printer and printed the image.....I then highlighted certain layers with glue and added glitter..I love the sparkle it gives the card.....Stamped the phrase with a new rubberstamp I was sent by Gloria.....she's such a sweetheart!!!! It's a perfect phrase don't you think???

I then wrapped a ribbon around the inside of the card and over the green layer underneath the top layer and used a ribbon punch to punch holes on the top layer to thread the ribbon through and tied in a bow....I'm quite happy with the way the card turned out!!

I would like to THANK YOU for stopping by again to visit with me.......I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day...please come by again...until then....

The Nihilist Spasm Band

The lead singer of the Nihilist Spasm Band- 'Wild Bill' Exley was a teacher at my high school. The NSB is a noise band that started in 1965 and still plays together to this day. They make and modify all of their own instruments, most of which are very unique sounding noisemakers. I had the pleasure of booking them to play at one of my art shows a while ago called Homoschtank. Here is a clip of them on Japanese television in '96.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Copyright Infringement Does Not Apply To Our Lord

W.W.W.D. What Would Wolverine Do?

Jamie's world fan art submissions.

Bungey, the leader of the jayvlog89 fan club is currently taking submissions of Jamie's World fan art for the YT background.

So if you are a fan, get out your magic markers, glitter, glue sticks and safety scissors, make something beautiful and email her at: jayvlog89fanclub@hotmail.com

Free custom Jamie's world t-shirt to the best artist. All submissions will also be posted here on SB.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A beaver's beaver.

I recently sold my dearly beloved school bus for public safety reasons which almost made me cry. This was my favourite drawing to ever grace the walls of the mighty Razor Horse.

Here's some

Svg files I created for some cards I've made......here's a view of the svg file imported into SCAL.....I did this Butterfly Crossing layout just as a 5x7 cut out and then used it as the front layer of my Butterfly Crossing shaker card.....I'm showing you an image of it below.......in case you wanted to see what I did with it.....

If you would like to have this file you may click here or on the image above.

This next one is a Thank You card I created.......the "Thank You" design with all the swirls actually gets totally cut out of the frame but I embellished that in a way to give it a bit of a leather look....you can see that in the image below.......

This shows how the card turned out with the way I decorated it.....if you would like to have this file as well just either, click the image above or click here to download this file...
I hope you like these files....as I create in the future I would be excited to share with you all if your interested....please leave me come comments so I can get the feel for the kind of things you enjoy seeing!!!! As always, thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! Have a blessed evening!!! Until next time...

Heres one more set....

I came up with tonight......I hope you like these....



I hope you like them...thanks again for coming by...Until next time...

I just can't resist.....

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!!! It was quite here....did alot of reading email and organizing things on the computer....oh how quickly they can get out of control ya know!!!! So this morning before work I started working on this layout header and background....I saw the lamp post and went from there.......I really like the soft elegant look of this design and just wanted to share it with you all....



Please feel free to use these designs if you choose....if you would consider giving me a nod on your blog I would be most grateful.....I hope you enjoy these!!! I hope you all have a blessed day...please come again...until then....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old photo collage

I came across this collage on an old hard drive today. I think I made it in 1998.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I spy with my Little Eye

Fresh trak from the coolest 3 year old around!

I Spy with my Little Eye.

by Layla & Stinky Uncle Nicky & I think the Nate Milk helped compose this too somehow if my drunk memory serves me right.

other Layla trax here

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ok....Here's another.....

Blog Header and Background I created tonight.....just thought I would share it.....Remember if you have any questions on how to add to your blog, I'll be more than happy to help in anyway I can...



Thanks so much for stopping by again!!!