Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angel Hair Pussy

The best kind of Angel hair can be found on an Angel Pussy.

OH MY....I was SO happy...

To create something OTHER than a scrapbook page for a change!!!!! I am still reveling in the completion of my last project!!! LOL, can you tell??!!!! I needed to work on a 1 on 1 swap I'm doing with a VERY special lady Kanan who will be moving back to her native country India in a very short time.....she had requested that I use the image you see below in a creation somehow as this is a very significate photograph to her culture.....I was honored that she asked me to do this.....I wanted to create something special that she would remember me I decided on a Journal......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this turned out and I hope she will too......I took the image she sent me and printed it the size I wanted it....then I scanned it and brought the scanned image into Inkscape and traced the people to create a cut file...actually I did 2 of both of them and then one of just the baby.......In the pictures below you can see how the baby pops up off the top layer just a wee bit more.......Once I created the cut files I then brought the layers into SCAL and did my cuts.....Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Cricut Expression!!! LOL (sorry, just had to put that in there....)

I then knew I wanted to put some type of a frame around the image so I started browsing through my graphics and found the frame I liked but I wanted it to be a cut file so I converted it to black and white saved it as a jpeg then Imported it into Inkscape and converted it to a cut file, saved it then brought it into SCAL to cut it......I used wallpaper to cut the frame so it would have a nice look to it......I then cut 2 more frames of it in off white cardstock to layer behind so it would give the frame more substance.....I used raised dots on the back to bring to the height I needed to accomodate for the depth of the photo....

I then covered the journal with coordinating wallpaper top and bottom layer, inside and outside.....I used a strip of beaded ribbon then some shear ribbon over that tied into a bow......put the journal back together.....then I used glossy accents on the jewels on the headdresses and some of the jewelry to give the picture more of a dimensional look and feel.......Whola!!

I'm so excited over Kanan receiving this and hope she receives it with all the love I've put into it.....I'm sharing the frame I created below if anyone is interested in the file.....It cut BEAUTIFULLY by the way!!!!

Download: HERE

It felt SO good to create and I'm going to be working on some cards today that I owe on swaps I'm late on..........

THEN.....My day got even better when I was given this award by not 1 but 2 VERY SPECIAL LADIES!!! Rita Loyd and Christina Lytle These ladies are what one would truly describe as TRUE friends!!! When you can have disagreements and some very hurtful things be said and then be adult enough to face the issues and be willing to face them and come out on the other end with stronger friendships because of it....that's what a true friend is in my opinion.....So this award to me has a very special meaning to me.........


Here are the rules for this award.
  1. Comment on this blog.
  2. Cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog.
  3. Nominate 5 to 10 blogs you feel show great attitude and gratitude.
  4. Link to your nominees within your blog post.
  5. Comment on their blogs to let them know they received the award.
  6. Link back to the person who gave you the award to show your appreciation
Ok, now for the wonderful blogs I would like to share with you.......these little stinkers have already snagged a couple of the ones I wanted to share so I shall move to the others that I love!!!

1.) June McFarlane - I love her Mixed Media ART she creates and especially love her sweet personality
2.) Lora Washburn - She creates some wonderful cut files and beautiful scrapbook pages and has a very giving spirt from what I've come to know about her
3.) Wanda Davis - SUCH a sweet sweet lady......I'm so thrilled to have found her friendship and she does beautiful creations for just starting to play with paper!!!
4.) Shelly Wood - SIMPLY GIFTED ARTist.....I've know her along time and she has amazing talent!!
5.) Chrystal Schilling - When you think of handmade paper.....Chrystal is the 1st name that comes to my mind....she is amazingly gifted on making handmade paper and is a wonderful person to boot!!!
6.) Creations by Cheri - I LOVE the fun whimsy of her cards and she does a wonderful job on sketch challenges...and a very sweet lady!!
7.) Angie Hall Haviland - Hummmmmmm there are no words that best describe this WONDERFUL lady!!! I have been blessed to know Angie for MANY years and she is SUCH an inspiration to me with her gift of ART and her loving personality...I SO strive to have my ART Haven to be remotely close to her Studio!!!
8.) Bonnie's Craft Bits - I have met her through some SCAL groups we belong to and she is the sweetest lady and creates some wonderful scrapbook pages......
9.) Ilena - I Scrap Designs - I as well have found her blog through the SCAL groups and love her creations...I visit there often!!!
10.) Erin Bassett - I happened by her blog one day through someone elses and just LOVE her ART.....I visit there often love seeing what she comes up with...

Ok, guess I better stop....I could go on and on there are SO many wonderful blogs out there with wonderful owners behind them!!! To imagine my life with out my computer and blog would be terrible!!! :)

I want to THANK YOU all for taking from your day to stop by and visit with me!!!! I love hearing from you and I hope you will stop by again.....I pray you all have a VERY blessed day...until next time....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dead Possum Stomp

I almost forgot I have another lovely possum story. I was visiting my friend Graeme in the Niagara region and while on a walk a possum bit part of his dog's nose off. The dog messed up the possum pretty bad but wouldn't kill it which became rather unbearably torturous so Graeme stomped on the possum's head a bunch of times to put it out of it's misery.

Friday, May 29, 2009

dead puke possums

One time, I went to my buddy Jubal's house and he showed me his dead possum fetus collection. Apparantly somebody found a dead pregnant possum cut in half by the train on the railroad tracks and collected these little buggers out of the womb. I puked in my mouth from the smell and then took these pictures.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok...I'm taking the plunge...

Good Evening Everyone.....I just wanted to share with you all that I have finally taken the plunge and created my own Yahoo Group......
I just decided my desire to want to find a group that was more about growing friendships with others that share my same passion for their ART where the main focus is friendships with a bonus of the swapping wasn't quite what I was finding so I decided to start a group myself..... So here I go......If any of you are interested, please take a moment and check it out....I've not set any swaps up yet...especially since I'm the only member...but we must start somewhere huh!!! LOL Anyway, just wanted to share with you all!! Thank you for stopping by...have a blessed Friday!!!!

Thank you Gloria...

On Sunday my sweet sweet friend Gloria Maddock blessed me with this very sweet award....THANK YOU Gloria!!! I apologize for not getting it posted sooner....but you all know what I've been doing!!! :)

There are a few requirements to accepting the Honest Scrap Award and they are as follows.

1) I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link...I have done that above and try to check her wonderful blog daily....she creates some amazing ART!!!!

2) I must list 10 honest things about myself.
Okie Dokie.........

1.) I am a VERY strong Christian
2.) I am addicted to Big Red soda.........
3.) I have some amazing online friends that I truly treasure
4.) I am a big computer geek and love all things digital!!
5.) I am blessed with a wonderful hubby and 2 wonderful boys who love me dearly...makes my heart smile!!
6.) I'd rather be at home then anywhere else.....mostly in my ART Haven
7.) I have a German Shepherd named Alexis and a kitty named Princess
8.) I am enjoying my simple life
9.) I look forward to connecting with more ARTists that share the same passion I have for paper and computers
10.) My Cricut Expression is my FAVORITE toy!!!! (well.....besides my computer!!)

Ok......who shall I pass this to....there are SO SO many blogs that I LOVE to visit as there are so many talented ARTists I've come across through blog are just a few that I visit regularly......I hope they will enjoy playing along.....

Michelle Wooderson
Kreative Kim
Shirley - cardart

Thank you again to my dear sweet friend was fun...I hope you all have a very blessed evening!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OMG!!!!....Can you say...

I'M DONE!!!!!! I can proudly say I have FINISHED the scrapbook for my boss and her family!!! I can't tell you how absolutely positively thrilled I am to have reached this point!!!! Can you tell I'm excited!!! :) Ok....thought I would share with you the last 4 pages I completed......I am quite happy with the way they turned out........As before I am sharing the pages with you first part of the post and then at the bottom of the post I'm sharing the files I created or graphics I used in the design..........

Ok, this first one I'm sure you can guess is for Daytona Beach.......I tried to give it the look of the sea.....I "think" I achieved that!!! I think the page really turned out fun......I'm sharing several photos of the layout so you can see all the layering and elements used.....

Check out the "netting" you a fishing net.....know what it REALLY is....ummmmmmmm, it's an onion bag!!! :) How cute is that and a nice way to multipurpose don't ya think!!!!

You can see the layering I did on the Daytona well as the chair....I layered the cuts with foam dots to give it more of a dimensional look and feel......

Ok, this next one is for the "Grand Floridian"....this is one of the resorts they stayed at.....What a beautiful resort this is.....I wanted to give this layout a bit of elegance so I created a fancy frame cut with my cricut then rubberstamped and embossed with some swirly stamps.....I then took some Tim Holtz Distress crackle paint and painted a layer over it....once dried and the cracks showed up I then rubbed 2 different colors of Tim Holtz distress inkpads over them...I really like the aged antique look they have........

I like the way the logo turned out as well....on the bottom layer of the logo I used my xyron sticker machine and put a layer of adhesive on it and then covered with glitter....then used some raised dots under the G and F to give it more of a dimensional look......looks blingy don't ya think!!! :)

They also really liked the trams that went into the Grand Floridian and throughout a large portion of the parks...and they had requested they be incorporated into the page in some manner....what better way then to use as album covers......I found some images online of the trams.......printed them onto 4x6 picture paper...then scanned back into my computer..created a file in Inkscape so I could trace the areas I wanted to cut and incorporated an exterior edge...once I cut it out I lined the back with clear acetate......I'm thrilled also with the way these turned out....

If anyone is interested in the images of the trams and the .svg file I created from them, please email me privately...I'll be more than happy to share the files with you.........

Ok, next is the last pictures of MGM...not a whole lot happening on this page but I tried to make it as special as I could, found a logo and topiary online so printed out some images cut manually with my hand and a good 'ole pair of scissors then raised them up off the page........simple but I think it gives the page the "pop" it needs....

Then there's "Planet Hollywood"....I gotta say I'm tickled with the way this page turned out....Isn't it just full of colors that explode off the page!!!!! I found the Planet Hollywood image online of which I'm sharing below....I created a cut file of the words "Planet Hollywood" cut in metallic red cardstock and used raised dots to bring up off the original letters.....I used some glossy accents on the star and then covered with blue the logo just the right amount of kick!!!

I took their pictures that were taken there and scanned them into my computer.....I then brought into Inkscape and created my cut images to give the pictures some 3D depth to well as cut some of the flowers out indivually so I could scatter them on the page......I love the way this layout turned out!!!

Ok, now.....onto the files I created to make these pages.....I'm sharing the background pages I designed and created as well as the cut files and some of the png graphics I used in the layouts....If you find any on these of use for you, PLEASE feel free to download them......I would be thrilled if some of you like them....

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

If anyone is interested in the tram file and images don't forget to email me......I'd be happy to share them.......

Ok, NOW I can sleep well tonight!!!! Still have to post the award I received the other day from my friend....but I get to work on that tomorrow!!! YIPPIE YAHOO!!! I'm so thrilled I'm DONE!!! I, as always, want to THANK YOU for taking time to come by and visit with truly means more than you know!!!! I hope you have enjoyed these pages......I'm now looking SO forward to getting back to card making!!!! Please come back and visit with me again......I hope you all sleep well and have a VERY blessed Thursday!!! Until next time.....

Wedding Song

My Friend Mr. Wilkie, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Corey Fairchild, is getting married and asked me to write a poem to be read at his Buck & Doe tomorrow night in Edmonton. Instead I wrote this sweet yet mildly inappropriate song for the both of them this morning. Hope I'm still invited to the wedding.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forbidden fruit

There is no doubt in my mind that these 2 are perfect for each other. More awesome family photos at

My friend Tyler has a bit of a crush on this tourette's girl on youtube called angelvoice222. I told him the only way to her heart is to video-sing to her. Hopefully he'll post a v-sponse soon and win her heart before the whole world, or at least stop sending me these grating videos.

A Productive Weekend....

For working on these seemingly never ending scrapbook pages!!! LOL.....I CAN finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I now only have approximately 4 more pages to do!!!!!!! I forced myself to spend most of my holiday weekend in my ART Room to work on these pages.....I was successfully able to complete 5 pages...WAHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I decided to wait and post them all in one fail swoop!!! A job in itself let me tell ya!! Teach me something will it!! :)

Ok, so here they all are.....I of course incorporated the use of my favorite toy, Cricut E, as much as I possibly could......I am doing this a little different this time....instead of sharing all the files I created with each page after the page itself, I've listed all the files I created in making these pages at the bottom of the post........hopefully that will enable to you to clearly see what files I created.......As always if you would like any of these files....PLEASE feel free to download them!!!

The first Page is to celebrate "Breakfast with Mary Poppins and Friends" It was alot of fun once I figured out what I wanted to do........You'll notice the real detailed work on Mary Poppins....I created this file in Inkscape and then cut of course in well as the frame around the main focal picture and the wording.....files listed below.....

This next page celebrates "Haunted Mansion".....I tried to make this page "dark and mysterious"...LOL...not quite sure if I succeeded in that but do like the results...the fence you see I created was compliments of one of my new online buddies...Kathi from one of the SCAL boards I belong to.....I LOVE this fence and have sense found out it is actually a ding bat font that has different fences in it...Wahhhooooo I hit pay dirt!!!! I found that tidbit out from Carol Baker....THANKS LADIES!!! Ok, back to the page.....I added the black ribbon cause I thought it would add to the mystery of the page!!! ;)

Next is the "Tower of Terror" kinda simple........I created the sleeves to hold their passes and the font in Inkscape and cut of course in noted earlier...files are below all the pages.....

These next 2 pages celebrate "Toy Story Mainia".....what a FUN place this must have been....I just love all the color and excitement you see in the pictures....I tried to make these pages as fun looking as I could......

On this page I tried to be creative and "make" my own version of "Tinker Toys"....LOL...kinda make shift I know but I think you get the point!!! LOL The crayons were fun to do.....I found graphics off the internet and then resized printed and then used some "Glossy Accents" on the ends to make the waxiness of the crayons to show up....kinda cute looking I thought..... that's the pages so far.....below begins the files I designed and created for use on these pages....I did forget to save the crayon/tinker toy page I desiged before I deleted it...."DOPE"!!! LOL but I have pretty much all the other files here!!! I hope you might find some of these useful.......Oh man....I just realized I forgot to share the Haunted Mansion background page I created.....I'll share that next time..... :(

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

I AS ALWAYS want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me....I hope you enjoy what I've shared and I SO hope you will come back and visit me again...........I am happy to say I was given an award by a very dear friend of mine, Gloria Maddock, I hope to get posted this evening....I've just been so consumed by these pages I've not allowed myself to focus on anything else.....but I'm getting to the end...Yahoooooooooooo!!!!

I hope you all have a VERY blessed day!!! Until next time.....