Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amazing Bamboo Wallpapers

Bamboo HQ Wallpapers
Size 1920x1200
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Have more fun....

It feels so good to just play again....creating where my muse leads me and even getting swaps done before they even come close to being due!!! Yeah for me!!! LOL....So tonight I decided to work an an ATC Swap Vintage them for my group ARTHaven, Creations & Friendships and this is what I came up with.....

I found the background image in my graphics program and printed it onto Water Color Paper with my Laser printer......then I created the image on the top layer by tweeking some images I had and merging them together...printed off onto paper with my laser color printer then coated with my Omni Gel (one of my favorite new ART supplies!!) once dried I sumberged into water to soften the back and rubbed off carefully the back layer so only the image was left on the Omni Gel Layer...a WONDERFUL tutorial from Angie Hall Haviland here's her tutorial link... once that was dried I then attached my background layer to a thick cardboard base then put a layer of Omni Gel on the back of the image transfer and attached to the background layer....wrapped the edges around and then applied a bit more Omnigel on the back....allowed that to dry....I added some lace, ribbon, decorative pearls and a button with ribbon to finish it off.......I'm quite happy with the end result!!

Though I did not create any cut files to make this piece of ART I thought I would share with you the images in case anyone might be interested in them!!!! If you would like them please click either the image or the designated area....

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Ok, that's it for me tonight!!! I want to THANK YOU as always for stopping by to visit with me!!! I hope everyone has had and is having a VERY blessed day!!! Please come by again...until then!!!

Dragon Droppings

If you are looking for the best hackysack footbag technologies, might I suggest "Dragon Droppings?" A gift for that special someone might be a $110 titanium, hand crafted, chainmail footbag.

I played....

And had fun yesterday......was for the most part a very relaxing day.......I was working on an upcoming Mingle for my group ARTHaven Creations & Friendships the theme is Hangie Dangle......the theme is supposed to be for Travel and incorporate a postage stamp.......This is my creation....

The size I choose to do mine is 5"x7".....I used "digital stamps" I created from all my gazillion graphics I have on my computer.....I collaged a few images together after removing the white backgrounds and saved them as pngs......the suitcase I decided to do dimensional so I printed it seperate.....Once I designed the size I wanted it to be I printed it off with my Laser printer and then colored the bird, cattails & leaves with my sharpie and bic markers and then went over the bird with a watercolor pencil and blended it into the image some......I then stippled the edging with several different colors and the center with Tim Holtz Distress Inks before all the stippling I tore the edges of the image.......I layered it over a black then burgandy cardstock...I stippled the burgandy edges with black distress ink........I trimmed the edge of the image with some fancy fibers and the bottom edge with some fringe......

The suitcase I distress with some ink then colored with sharpies and then covered with a versamark pad and covered with clear embossing powder and embossed.....cut it out and then layered it over a second suitcase image to give it dimension......the cattails on the image I covered with glossy accents and the took some minced up yard and covered the cattails to give it the fuzzy look of flocking without the expense.......I cut the words with my Cricut I created the wording in Inkscape then pieced together.......The backing of the Hangie Dangle is cardboard (recycled from a box of something that was previously purchased) give it just the right amount of stiffness to it.......

It felt good to do a Mixed Media piece of ART again and know I will be doing more....I enjoyed using the "digital stamp" again though I've been doing it for years and years LOL...just didn't have that "fancy name"...... :) I've attached the image of the suitcase and the collage I created if any one is interested in it....I also have down below the word file I created in Inkscape.......Just click the image or the designated link.......

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Download: HERE

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The New Windows 7 Wallpaper

Windows 7 Wallpaper

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Friday, June 26, 2009

I played a little...

I had a chance to play a little so I decided to decorate the CD Envelope I test cut the other day when I made it in Inkscape.......cut perfectly and I had fun distressing it....I needed to make a CD for a friend and felt there was no better time then to use this CD Envelope......Used rubberstamps with my Tim Holtz Distress Inks....first time using rubberstamps in awhile and it was fun!!!! Just thought I would share my creation....I also used some of the test cuts I made on the 5 petal flower I drew a couple of days ago in Inkscape......decided I like the four different sizes of the flower, good for layering....cut with white cardstock and then colored with Tim Holtz distress inks and some of my pearlex spritzers I had made a while back.........If you interested in the flowers I've included the link to download this file below the images of the CD envelope....

Ok, that's my creation for tonight.....If you would like this flower file you know to either click the image or the designated link.....

Download: HERE

Now off to see what else I can do to get myself inky!!! :) As always I want to THANK YOU for coming by to visit with me!!! I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED Saturday.....please come by again..until then.....

smearballs keyword search - ANALytics query

People search for the strangest things. I just hope when somebody googles hairpuzzy and ends up at smearballs, that they got what they were looking for.

Here's yesterday's search results linking people to the smearball.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Relaxing in Algonquin Park / floppy dicks

Last week on Youtube, the Government of Canada filed a copyright infringement claim against this video by Scott McGovern.

Relaxing in Algonquin Park

Seems to me like some loser prick who works for the Gov. is dropping docs like a zit faced youlog troll in his mom's basement. Mr. Trent Wilkie is one of the most talented cussmasters in Canada and such art should not be repressed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sherry Time

Meet Sherry. She is a bit of a psycho bitch but she has a good heart. I think if we just listen and give her a chance to gather her thoughts, she could be a vital part of the smearballs community.

Okkkkkkkkkk....I've Been....

Playin' and having FUN with Inkscape!!!!! I decided I just wanted to create some files hopefully others will find useful!!!!! I HAVE test cut all of these and they work BEAUTIFULLY!!!! If you like these and would like to download them you either click the image or the designated area below.....Always remember the SCAL properties need to be:

X=0.0 / Y=0.0 / W=12.0 / H=12.0 / KEEP PROPORTIONS (check this box)
You can always also just resize to the size you want!!!!!

Card Box for 5"x6.5" Card Sets

Download: HERE

Verticle Envelope

Download: HERE

Pillow Box

Download: HERE

Rounded Rolodex Cards (2) on seperate layers

Download: HERE

Rolodex Card (has been previously shared)

Download: HERE

CD Envelope

Download: HERE

Cash Holder Card

Download: HERE

3x5 Post It Note Cover (the top flange you will fold over and glue to give the cover more strength)

Download: HERE

I had alot of fun creating these I would love to hear if you like them!!! As always, I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!!!! I hope you all have a very blessed evening....until next time!!!

welcome home Jayvlog89

I know we haven't been producing many Jayvlogs in the last while and that's because Jamie has been on a spirit quest traveling all over the world for the past 7 weeks or so. Word on the street is that he is going to be back really soon and he is pumped to get back on the younet and vizz all over the tube viewer. So hang in there. I bet Jamie has a lot to veelogg about in the coming weeks. Welcome back Jayvlog89!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy 1000th video to Dave's Farm

I've been watching Dave's farm for a while now and every day I'm blown away by how much vizz he makes and how much his vizz rules. I want to go to Dave's farm one day with a shitbox '91 mercury cougar with tinted windows and launch it off skyhill. The last half of this video is a smackdown of his greatest hits. 1000vizz in 2 years

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I usually work on music when I get home wasted but I never seem to finish anything or remember what I did. Now there's about eighty something half-done swill projects that I never revisit. I started mixing some shit down because I'm probably never going to finish any of them.
here's a few


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day....

Ok.....Since tomorrow is Father's Day I needed to make a card for my hubby's dad....he's an AMAZING dad and very very special!!!!! I could not have been blessed with a better person to be my Father In Law!!!! So I knew I wanted to use a different type of card...so I designed the template myself in Inkscape!!!! It's a bi-fold card with a scallop incorporated.........

I cut the base of the card in a brown cardstock then designed a decorative paper for each side of the card and printed with my Laser Color Printer....I also created the Happy Father's Day scallops in PSP, printed and then cut with my Cricut.......after cut I then kissed the edges with a sponge some Tim Holtz Distress Inks....I used foam dots to raise up off the card.....

The inside layer of the card I created the design for the message portion of the card.....printed the poem that I found off the internet onto some watercolor paper with a faint background of the same image I used on the scallops then cut it out with my Cricut....then kissed the edges again with the Tim Holtz Distress Inks.....I added some green sheer ribbon and a touch of red ribbon to the front of the card.......I then created the envelope template to go with the card and printed some decorative paper again with my color laser printer and cut with the Cricut.......

I really LOVE how the card turned out...not too fru fru.........I think he will really like it....SO....I created ALL my svg files in one file.....on different layers.....as you go to cut them you will want to close the "eye" on the layer you are NOT wanting to cut at the time.......select path and then save the file....when it asks if you want to replace select yes...then go into SCAL and import....your properties will be X=0.0 / Y=0.0 / W=12.0 / H=12.0 (Keep proportions=check this box)........

Download: HERE

If you would like this file either click the image or the designated area and ENJOY!!! I REALLY had alot of fun creating this and I hope some of you will enjoy it!!!! Ok, now off to create my next piece of ART.....Please come back and visit me again...I hope you are all having a very blessed Saturday.....until next time......

NOTE: When you download this file ALL THE CUTS ARE THERE!!! They "EYE" has just been closed on the LAYERS.....You MUST OPEN YOUR LAYERS PALLET by doing LAYER > LAYERS a window will open on the right of your screen...at the top portion of the window you'll see the LAYERS.....the one with the envelope will have the EYE OPEN AND THE LOCK UNLOCKED.......to view the other cuts you will need to CLICK THE EYE to open and the LOCK to unlock........You will do this for each you want to cut.......then select all the do PATH > OBJECT TO PATH and then save the file again...it will ask if you want to REPLACE...select YES!!! Now go Import in to SCAL set your properties like I've shared above and cut!!!!