Monday, August 31, 2009

Google Autofill Hilarity

It seems that most people google some strange-ass shit including a lot stereotypical questions and down right racist crap. At first I thought this was both sad and funny, a little peek into our collective minds-eye. I then realized that it's just that there are a lot of ignorant people using google to (hopefully) become less ignorant.
Why do jews... have glassy eyes?
p.s you can and will do this for a whole day/

Friday, August 28, 2009


Good Morning and HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone!!!! I just wanted to post a short note and let you all know that I have posted some new cut files I've designed and created....You can file all the NEW Designs on MY SVG PAGE !! I would love to hear your feedback on whether you like them!!!!

As always....THANK YOU for stopping by and I hope you all have a Very Blessed Friday!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Government - Andy Paterson

I had the pleasure of running into Mr. Andy Paterson at the Cameron House yesterday. Andy is quite a prolific artist and a fountain of knowledge of Canadian art & music. Andy was the lead singer and principal writer for a band called The Government, between 1977 and 1982. I was happy to find out that he has a new website : & that 22 Government tracks can be found HERE.

Here is a clip of Run with the Kittens performing 'Zippers of Fire' live at the Cameron House with the legendary Andy Paterson.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm having some FUN.....

Two days in a row now I've got to play with paper and get my Pinky's Inkie!!!! I had 2 more swaps I needed to work on and complete for my group ARTHaven, Creations & Friendships
This first one I'm sharing is for the ATC Swap - Lady theme......I wanted to do something vintagy so I thought.......Why not do a picture that is very special to me.....So I did.....This is actually MY Grandmother & Grandfather's wedding picture!!!! Aren't they a good looking couple.....And they shared almost 50 years together!!! They both went to heaven several years ago but they were both SO precious to me!!!! To me they were always Mimi & Papa!!! There were none better on this planet!!!! I miss them terribly!!!
To create this I printed off their image onto some Water Color paper with my Color Laser printer....I really like the rustic vintagy worn look that it came out with....I then adheared it to a thick cardboard base....I wiped the edges of the ATC with Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain Tim Holtz distress inkpads.....I added some gold dots the decorative ribbon, flower and the took a piece of scratch water color paper and wrote the words True Love stippled with some Walnut Stain Tim Holtz disress inkpad and then glued to the surface and added the gold dots....

I'm absolutely thrilled with how this turned out and can't wait for it's recipient to recieve it....I do so hope she'll be able to feel the love I put into this ATC!!!

Now my next piece of art is for the Playing Card Swap - Joker.......LOL, yes I'm hosting a monthly swap where we will in time complete an entire deck of cards!!! Doesn't that sound like 2 cards will be close because we'll have different people we send to each month....that way when we're complete we'll have a 1 of a kind deck of cards that no one else will have!!!

So, this is my creation for the Joker.......Isn't it fun looking!!!! It was alot of fun to create......I printed my fairy off with my Laser color printer and cut it out .......I then modge podged it to my base which is actually a hot pocket box that I sanded the paint off the surface then wiped it with some Tim Holtz Distress ink then coated with some Tim Holtz distress crackle paint in Vintage Photo.......once dried I spritzed with some yellow pearl ex spritzer dried with my heat gun then applied my fairy and the words Joker that I cut with my cricut.......Oh yeah, before I applied the Joker words and the fairy I used my Stazon black ink and rubberstamped the swirleys on the background.......

This definately isn't my usual style but it was a fun card to make and the recipient it's going to I really think will like it!!! I'm hoping so anyway!!!!

Ok.....Now my attention is going back towards my creation of some more SVG files and the design of some more Journals for the cancer project my friend Shirley Nagel is working on.....I will be posting more in the next day or I do hope you will check back with me!!! I SO appreciate you allowing me to share my creations with you...I hope you enjoy them.....I as always, want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!! I hope you all have a very blessed Thursday!!!! Please come again, until next time!!!!!

Embrace Failure Tour 2009

I've been working with Mr. Let's Paint TV on the Toronto wing of his upcoming world tour- the Embrace Failure Tour 2009. John will be performing at Ed Video in Guelph on Sept 17th, Pleasuredome in Toronto - (I think at Cinecycle) on Sept 18th, & at the Drake hotel - Toronto on the 19th. Might have a special Let's Paint afterparty broadcast live on the internet at Smearballs headquarters on the 19th after the drake.

The rest of the tour includes US & Australia dates - check it out:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun in the Neighborhood......

Doesn't that sound fun!!!! Over at my group ARTHaven, Creations & Friendships a dear friend of mine Diann Scholl is hosting this FUN FUN FUN idea for a swap.....Actually it's on going cause next month it's a Halloween we're building our own little Neighborhood!!! So this is MY first creation.....Isn't it FUN looking??? I designed and created the SVG file for this House.....IF you like it you may feel free to download the file on MY SVG PAGE
So....there are DEFINATELY alot of layers on this house to give it the 3D Look.......I even used actual screen on the windows and acetate for the window pane of the front door!!!!

I'm sharing several pictures just to give you an idea of the detail......I thought it turned out really cute.......Also, you can see what I did for the back to allow it to stand on it's own......

Ok, this is my latest creation....I really hope you like it.....As ALWAYS I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me......I hope you will come again....I hope you have a very blessed Wednesday!!! Until next time!!!

It Takes Two

Monday, August 24, 2009

THANK YOU Rita!!!!!

What a nice surprise I found today on my friend Rita Loyd's Blog !!! She is indeed such a treasure to me and I'm thrilled to call her MY Friend!!!!
The rules for this award are that I must list five things I love to do and then pass it along to five other people.

I'm not exactly sure what I can share that I haven't already goes:

1.) I absolutely LOVE creating cut files in Inkscape and cutting them with my Cricut
2.) Sitting and chatting with my AWESOME 2 boys (Dylan 15 & Billy 23) Who by their own statement will let you know they are still "Mama's Boys"!!!! My babies!!
3.) I Think Rachel Ray is an amazing down to earth person, whom I would be honored to get the opportunity to meet.
4.) Spending time in my ARTHaven creating and listening to tv in the background
5.) Going blog hopping - I have been truly truly blessed with so many amazing online friends I've met through my blog and I'm honored to know each and ever one of them!!

Ok, Now for 5 blogs to nominate....that's even harder then coming up with 5 new things about me.......There are SO MANY blogs that I absolutely LOVE visiting and getting to know the artists.......I'm going to try and pick 5 I've not given an award to before but definately deserve them!!!!!!

1.) Julie An Grakowsky -
2.) Blue6366 -
3.) Scrapping Butterfly Mom -
4.) Tami Putvin -
5.) Claire Brennen -

OK, WHEW....that was tough just picking 5!!! Each of these ARTists are AMAZING with their ARTwork and their spirits!!! I feel truly blessed to have chatted with each of them through posts in pasts and even belong to a group with some of them!!!! AGAIN!!! THANK YOU to my friend Rita Loyd for this awesome award!!! I hope you all have a very blessed day!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Swap Complete....

I'm on a roll today!!! I completed another swap I'm signed up for in my group ARTHaven, Creations & Friendships this one was for a Tag swap........I wanted to do something different so I created this tag file in Inkscape and cut with my cricut.....IF you like this file you may download it from My SVG Page .........I had fun creating this and hope the recipient enjoys it!!!!!

I, as always, want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me again.....I hope you enjoy this tag and perhaps will enjoy the file....I do hope you will come by and visit again!!! I hope you have a very blessed evening....Until next time.....

I'm been playing with Paper!!!!

Last night and this morning and it feels SO good to get my "pinkies inky" as my friend Gloria says!!!! LOVE that phrase!!! So this is a window trellis file I created based on an idea by Tina Britton and did a bit different to her original idea as I did my layers individually to give the card more depth and the thought you can do as I've done and use different colors.......I designed, drew and created all of this in Inkscape then of course cut with my Cricut Expression....If you like this design file you can download it on My SVG Page by clicking on MY SVG Page........just so you know I've also uploaded several more creations I've made in the past couple of weeks........

In the design and decoration of this card I used several techniques.......Tim Holtz products have been used ALOT!!! LOL...I love all things Tim!!!!! I used distress inks, distress embossing powders, cuttlebug embossing sleeves, I also designed the leaves you see and cut with my cricut ALSO on My SVG Page

The image on the inside of the card is one of the Thomas Kinkade images I have.....LOVE his artwork!!!! I printed it on watercolor paper with my color laser printer. I also used my box envelope template I created months ago, which is also somewhere on MY SVG Page I just resized it to fit the size card I made and like a charm!!!!

I would like to share with you I am offering these files for free......However, I am contemplating converting my files for use of all formats of cutters....IF I do that I will begin charging a fee for the files due to the extent of time and work that will be put in them over and above the work I've already done!!! It truly means SO much to me that you find some files you might enjoy......and I hope I'm not upsetting anyone with my thoughts of doing this.......I'm just trying to offer these to any format needed and with the time involved feel this is something I would need to do......

I DO hope you will come by and visit with me again!!!!! I'm always truly touched when you leave me a comment!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Journals of Love for Cancer Patients...

A VERY dear friend of Mine Shirley Nagel has started a WONDERFUL mission she feels she been led to do for collecting Handmade or designed Journals for Cancer a way for them to keep record of there journey through this horrible disease that afflicts so many!!! I think this is an AMAZING mission and feel so blessed and honored to be able to contribute to her mission!!!

Here is a journal I designed and created tonight to send to Shirley.......I will be creating more but was so anxious to share and help her get the word out!!!! In the design of this journal I did design and create the flourish on the front of my journal in Inkscape for my Cricut....if you like the FLOURISH you may go to My SVG Page and dowload it for free....
If you would like to contribute to Shirley Nagel's mission of creating Journals of Love for Cancer Patients please email Shirley Nagel at she would LOVE to hear from you!!!!

I do have some new svg files I've created and will be sharing by this weekend so I do hope you will stop in again and visit with me!!! I pray you all have a very blessed friday!!!

Jamie is sick of tired of being ignored on the internet

Break Up Season

As the end end of summer soon approaches I notice that also signals the end of many relationships. People are breaking up every where you turn. Maybe you are currently going through a break up or your partner is secretly thinking that it's time for him or her to move on. What ever the case nothing can help heal your heart and soul like a soprano saxophone. Saxophones are usually made of brass and are played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

Like a good friend helping you through tough times here is my song for you titled "I Need You"

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Messin' around with some Jackson 5 acapellas.

Just a quick note!!!

I just wanted to stop in real quick and say that I'm selling all my Cricut Cartridges at a fairly cheap rice on my store..... because I don't use them at all.....I only use my Inkscape and SCAL2 so I felt why keep them.....I'm in the process of working on some more files and a blog header/ back at it I go....but if anyone is looking for some cartridges, please feel free to check out my store......I hope everyone is having a blessed day today...It's humid here in Robards,KY....please come by again, I will have some ART to share......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Thursday.....

I hope you've all had a wonderful day.....Guess What???!!! I actually had the chance to play with paper tonight!!!! Wahooo, for me!!! I made this quick card for a swap I was behind on for My ARTHaven Creations & Friendships The theme was Glitter....

I designed the card in Inkscape and cut with SCAL with my cricut......If you like the card template you can download it from My SVG page........I also used one of the flower files I've created in the past........It's a simple card but It does have a nice look....I cut out the envelope with a 5x7 envelope file I created in the past as well......All of these files can be found on MY SVG page .

While you're there you'll find 2 other new files I've created....I had a request for a Hot Air Balloon file and also I created a Star Frame......These files can also be found on MY SVG page !!

Ok, that's it for me tonight....I do have some other swaps I'll be working on this weekend and I have a few more cut files ideas floating around in my head....I do hope you will check back....As always...THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray you all have a very blessed Friday!! Until next time....

The Filthy Kitchen

If you like to make delicious meals in an unsanitary environment, then you'll love The Filthy Kitchen with Remi Stevens. Remi is not only a gross chef but he is also a t-shirt customizer and a blogger. Also make sure to vote on the STABBED and/or CHOP ONIONS poll at the bottom of this page!

Episode 1: Pizza

slap-pop breast cancer exam

I bought a bass guitar a few weeks ago but after seeing this video I feel weird playing it. I can't even begin to understand what's going on here. The cutaways.. the black unitard feel up breast / ovarian cancer self examination, the scrunchie on the wrist, the milk, the boat.. the slap pop. Too much awesome for 1 video.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey Everyone....

I hope you're all having a WONDERFUL HUMP DAY!!! It's been so long since I've played with paper but I'm determined to TONIGHT!!! I said that last night but I'm SERIOUS tonight!!!! LOL I just thought I would drop in and let anyone know who might be interested.....that I have created a CD of all the tutorials I've made for Inkscape thus far as well as a CD for all the SVG files I've designed and created and have placed them in My Online Store !!!

The tutorials are free to watch on You can find them all here but I've found some would like to have them all on one CD they can refer to at anytime whether they have internet access or not.....

The SVG cut files I've designed are also free and you can locate them all here on my SVG Cut Files Page , but again, I've had interest for them to be all on a CD so they have them handy.....

Please know I'm NOT pushing I just thought I would let all know incase anyone is interested!!! I'm determined that tonight I shall have some ART to share!!!! I, as always, want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray you all enjoy a very blessed day!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Battle of champions

Both Chuck Norris & Gary Busey have done lots of amazing things but this is a really unique & retarded star-crossed moment in both of their careers. My fave part is when he grabs her face.

Monday, August 10, 2009

one more magic fruit post

I'm kind of a big deal in the magic fruit scene here in Toronto. Tyler Clark Burke throws the best parties.

Hotz vizz

Another clip I made for Sennheiser- starring Mr. Kenny Hotz.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Magic Fruit Party

Last night I attended a magic fruit Party - AKA miracle fruit. Miracle fruit are these tiny berries that screw with your taste buds causing sour foods to taste sweet. After coating my mouth with the magic berry slime I had super powers for a couple hours & was able to drink a couple shots of straight white vinegar, which tasted awesome until it hit my throat. Tequila went down like juice and Guiness tasted like soda pop. I could eat straight lemon slices and onion like it was sugar candy. Pretty magical experience .. but waking up in the morning after downing all that bullshit didn't feel so good. Probably burned a magic hole in my stomach.


If you had to either eat 7 shots of Manjazz (yours or your partners) or a thimble full of human feces, which would you choose? Now, if you could have some MIRACLE FRUIT first, would that change anything?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bachelor Party!

This past long weekend was a meaty sex-storm of partying with at my brothers stag. Turns out, I'm a terrible photographer when I'm wasted. Here are the few gems on a camera full of sucky pics.

I'm pretty sure this is genitals

Corn Life

Creepy Cherub from a carnival ride

Hot Bachelor Tits

Alien Game

sensual predator

This is a photo I posed for by Shawn Mcpherson. It's true... I am a model & a sensual predator. BTW that's not a real tattoo & that is real drool.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recreational CATSCAN

For the past 4 days I've had this weird throbbing discomfort in my abdomen to the point where I thought a creature was going to bust out my gut like that dude on Spaceballs. Last night I got freaked out that my appendix was gonna burst shit all over my insides so I went to the Emergency room at 2:00 am. They hooked me up with a CAT scan - pumped my veins full of horseshit and cranked me through the microwave stargate machine. I could feel the contrast fluid go through my whole vascular system & when I went through the machine I felt a warm tingling sensation on the end of my dick like I was getting a badass hummer from a malfunctioning furby. Weirdest shit ever. So after 7 hours in the emergency room it turns out the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me and they think I may be passing a kidney stone cuz there's a tiny trace of blood in my piss. When I painfully pass this thing I'll be sure to scan it and post on the smearball. Now I pulled a shitty all nighter and I got tonnes of vizz to make today. What a waste of time.