Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smearballs Lifestyle Choice


The female bodybuilder redefines our perception of beauty in the 21st century. Not until 1980 were these beauties even allowed to clench their fists while posing in professional competition.

It takes a certain type of man to have the courage to embrace the sexual possibilities that arise while in a heterosexual monogamous relationship with a female bodybuilder. It gives any submissive male the opportunity to explore their true sensual identity.

This post is dedicated to all the ladies out there who have chosen to follow their hearts. The next time you see a female bodybuilder walking down the street please pause and take a moment to reflect on this new improved version of the female body. Imagine how far society can go if females around the world adopt this new lifestyle.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Genital Adornments, Body Jewelry By Judy

Thanks to my little bro, I now can share with everyone, maybe the best internet site to buy bling for your junk! The best part of Judy's designs are that they are completely mutilation free... No piercing required! I didn't even know I could adorn my anus with trinkets without puncturing a cheek or sphincter!
This site is NSFW!
Judy's Non-Piercing Sexy Clit Clips and Body Jewelry...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video Exchange

Scotty McGovern at ED Video in Guelph has included 'Sweatin' Like a Farm Animal' in a video exchange in all these cities over the next week. - Big shoutout to all the smearballers in Smearacuse.. check it out yo.

Drawing Jamie

This guy Android Edge on Youtube asked to draw Jamie's Portrait & this is the result.

Pretty awesome viz and music. We sub 4 subbed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Black History Month?

I am going out to dinner tonight for my sisters birthday.
One of her girl friends is dating a black guy.
Seeing that it is Feb. I was wondering what the protocol is on wishing a black person a 'Happy Black History Month' as a dinner party conversation starter/ice breaker? I don't see how it would be an inappropriate statement, yet I feel as though I need clearance on this one.
Can any body help me out here?

Mazel Tov by ZE:A

It was only a matter of time before Korea's hottest bisexuals formed a super group to incorporate more Hebrew in their pop music!

A Compact

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Hump Day…..Boy I’m surely glad to see this day get here….I’ve been dealing with strep throat since Sunday and let me tell ya…it ain’t fun at any age!!!!!  I actually feel amongst the living this morning!!! Yeah ME!!!

Ok, I did have one project I needed to complete for a swap in my ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group……….It’s a fantastic  group of friends and ARTists and we just love having these fun swaps… this theme was an Altered Compact Swap…..our Eileen Bellomo was hosting  this swap and it was SO much fun…..

The compact I used was actually one my face poweder was in…I just cleaned it out and altered it!!!!

 PDC ARTHaven Compact Swap 2-23-2010 (2) PDC ARTHaven Compact Swap 2-23-2010 (4) PDC ARTHaven Compact Swap 2-23-2010 (1)

I used alot of techniques on this…to begin with I put 2 coats of gesso on the outside of the case…once dried I coated with 2 layers of Glossy Black Krylon Spray Paint….Once dried I coated with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint in Broken China…….LOVE how the black shows through so well!!!

then I took a piece of copper punched a scallop circle out and then ran through my cuttlebug……..added a turquoise pendant I had as well as some rhinestones swirlies and some teal dots….on the inside I added more rhinestone swirlies a ribbon flower, some decorative glittered K&C Paper (LOVE that brand). Then I took some letter beads which were white and took a make up sponge and 2 colors of alcohol inks and dabbed each letter to give it a bit of a stone look……..added a stripped of beads around the inside lip of the compact……Whola!!!

I like the way it turned out and now it is winging it’s way to my dear sweet friend Eileen……I just hope she likes it!!!

Ok, that’s it for me now…..I get to actually get out of the house today and go to work!!!!! Yeah ME!!  I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me…..I hope you will come by again…..I will be working on more nestie files…….have had a couple more requests….I pray you all have a very blessed day!!!! Until next time….

Monday, February 22, 2010

Put a sock in it.

Hot off the tube - New music video by Fred Spencer. This redefined rap-rock in my mind.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's new Pussycat?

Just dickin' around with some Tom Jones pussy



Good Morning Everyone….I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend…….I just wanted to share with you that I was able to work up a tutorial for how to use the Shaplie Files I’ve created over the past several days……..
If you’re interested in watching it and browsing the images I’ve put together you may find it here:
I would like to THANK YOU all for you awesome awesome comments about these files….they are so fun to use and I think I will be using them ALOT….hope you will too!!
Off I go to work on another project……I hope you all have a VERY blessed day and will come back to visit me soon….until then…….
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kurt

If the Godfather of Grunge is Neil Young, then today his most beloved grandson would have been 42 if it were not for the power hungry evil human being that killed him. It's almost pointless to even mention the name because we all know who I am talking about, that's right, Chad "chadhole" Kroeger .
There just wasn't enough room in the marginal guitar oriented 'alternative' genre for two mega stars and somebody had to go. Countless news articles have pointed to the suicide theory behind the beloved grunge icon's death, but if one were to stop and look hard at the real evidence, a newer grizzlier picture emerges. A picture of a failing homophobic Canadian pedophile rocker desperately trying to claw his way into the upper echelon of the 'alternative' music scene that Kurt Cobain, the beloved grunge icon, had single handedly created. According to the accounts of detective Tom Grant, in the early morning hours of April 5 1994 Kroeger was spotted outside beloved grunge icon Kurt Cobain's up scale home on Lake Washington. There was then evidence that Kroeger forced his way into the residence, subdued beloved grunge icon Kurt Cobain and forced him into the green house above the garage. There Kroeger allegedly locked Cobain (beloved grunge superstar) in the green house for hours on end blasting a low-fi demo version of "If Today Was Your Last Day" until it drove him to do what any sensible person would do forced into that situation, blow his head off.
Although this is just one man's theory, the toxicology reports have proven without a doubt that there was at least three times the lethal dose of Nickleback playing through his system at his time of death. If you don't believe me then just look at this photograph.

HAPPY 42ND BIRTHDAY KURT <----music link

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yippie Skippie.......

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  I hope everyone is ready for the weekend....I know I AM!!! ;)  I finished, last night, creating the remainder of the Nesties for now........I sure hope you like them........I would like to also say THANK YOU to everyone for your AMAZING comments over the past couple of days in regards to these files and my blog.....I have been truly truly touched by so many and wanted you all to know that!!!!!  Brought huge smiles to my face!!!!, here's the latest creations.........

PDC Starburst Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010
PDC Starburst Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC 2 Point Sloping Square Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC 2 Point Sloping Square Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

PDC 6 Scallop Oval Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010
 PDC 6 Scallop Oval Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC 7 Point Flower Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC 7 Point Flower Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

PDC 12 Scallop Circle Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010
 PDC 12 Scallop Circle Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC 24 Scallop Circle Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC 24 Scallop Circle Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC 24 Scallop Octagon Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC 24 Scallop Octagon Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC 35 Scallop Circle Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC 35 Scallop Circle Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC Heart Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010PDC Heart Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

PDC Pumpkin Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010
 PDC Pumpkin Nesting Mat 2-18-2010

 PDC Scalloped Comma Shaplie Mat 2-18-2010
PDC Scalloped Comma Nesting Mat 2-18-2010
Whew....that's alot of Nesties!!! ;)  I SO hope you all enjoy these....I'm looking forward to playing with them this weekend myself!!!!  I would love to see some of your creations using them!!!!!
As always, if you would like to have these files you may click the images above and they will take you to the page on My Website where you may download them..... And....please remember when downloading..... "if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, what you "think" is an image when you click the "here" button it is actually the SVG itself....You need only to RIGHT Click on the Image and select SAVE PAGE AS..........I hope this will help you"
It's off to work for me......I pray you all have a very blessed day and I do hope you will come by to visit me again.....Until next time...
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Explorations of the Mind

For some people music is a spiritual journey into their deep subconscious mind. Exploring their inner relationships and deepest fantasies through the instrument itself.

In the late 1960's, one man sought to create an instrument designed for the free hands tapping method of both hands parallel to the frets of a guitar. This has since become known in the "biz" simply as "the stick".

Youtuber Bob Culbertson sums it up in one video:

Yet a Few More.....

Good Morning again!!!! Thought I would just share with you the additional files I created last night....still have a few more to do.....but thought it might be easier to just post them as I go.......

PDC 2 Point Scallop Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010
PDC 2 Point Scallop Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC 4 In Square Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010
 PDC 4 In Square Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC 4 Point Bracket Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010
PDC 4 Point Bracket Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC 10 Scallop Oval Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010
PDC 10 Scallop Oval Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC 13 Scallop Flower Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010PDC 13 Scallop Flower Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC Comma Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010PDC Comma Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC Octagon Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010PDC Octagon Nesting Mat 2-17-2010

PDC Rolling Flower Shaplie Mat 2-17-2010PDC Rolling Flower Nesting Mat 2-17-2010
Ok.....So if you would like always, just click the image and it will take you to the page on my website where you may download the SVG file for Free!!!!  I hope you like them and I want to THANK YOU for stopping by and visiting with me again!!!!  I hope you will come by again...and pray you all have a very blessed day!!! Until next time.....

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've been Creating.....

Happy HUMP Day Everyone.....I hope you are all having a  FANTASTIC day today!!!!  For the last couple of days I've been working on some new cut files!!!  I'm not finished yet but I thought I would go ahead and share with you what I have so far....I sure hope you like them....
 PDC 4 Notch Rectangle Shaplie Mat 2-16-2010PDC 4 Notch Rectangle Nesting Mat 2-16-2010

 PDC 4 Point 4 Slope Shaplie Mat 2-16-2010
PDC 4 Point 4 Slope Nesting Mat 2-16-2010

 PDC 4 Point 6 Scallop Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010PDC 4 Point 6 Scallop Nesting Mat 2-15-2010

 PDC 4 Point 12 Scallop Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010PDC 4 Point 12 Scallop Nesting Mat 2-15-2010

 PDC 4 Point Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010PDC 4 Point Nesting Mat 2-15-2010

 PDC 4 Point Sloped Shaplie Mat 2-16-2010PDC 4 Point Sloped Nesting Mat 2-16-2010

 PDC 7 Petal Shaplie Flower 2-15-2010PDC 7 Petal Nesting Flower 2-15-2010

PDC 8 Point Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010
 PDC 8 Point Nesting Mat 2-15-2010

 PDC 8 Scallop Shaplie Mat 2-16-2010PDC 8 Scallop Nesting Mat 2-16-2010

 PDC 10 Scallop Shaplie Mat 2-16-2010PDC 10 Scallop Nesting Mat 2-16-2010

PDC Open Book Shaplie 2-15-2010
PDC Open Book Nesting 2-15-2010

PDC Scallop Squares Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010
 PDC Scallop Squares Nesting Mat 2-15-2010

 PDC Square Slope Shaplie Mat 2-15-2010PDC Square Slope Nesting Mat 2-15-2010
Ok.....So that's my creations so far!!!! I sure hope you like them!!!!!  Now remember if you wanted to emboss around the inside edge.....just cut one size down in chipboard or a couple thickness of cardstock glued together and then run through your cuttlebug to make the impression on the decorative layer then you can brush the edges with ink to highlight the embossing...........
As always.....if you would like to have any of these files, just click the image and it will take you to the page on my website where you may download them.........
Ok, off to work I go....I surely hope you like them.....As always.....THANK YOU for taking time to stop by and visit with me.....I hope you will come by again....I pray you all have a very blessed day....until next time.....
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Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Giveaway Day!!!!

So...................How EXCITING....The day has come to announce the Give Away winners for the awesome OWOH adventure!!!!!  So.....without futher delay.....Here are the winners from my blog!!!!!

THE WINNER OF THE JOURNAL......... IS...............


SharDon Exclusives said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!! Everything is "so ME"! It is so delightful to find new blogs on this Magic Carpet Ride. I hope you are having as much fun as I am in my travels. Please enter my name in your giveaway and stop by (#52) to enter my beaded bracelet giveaway.
Enjoy your ride,


THE WINNER OF THE DIGITAL STAMPS CD......IS...................


amayo said...

January 25, 2010 12:27 PM

What beautiful work as always- your projects blow me away! I would love either giveaway, thank you for the OWOH journey, I had not heard of that yet.


Ladies.......If you would PLEASE email me your snail mail addy It will be my honor to get them in the mail to you....I would like to THANK EVERYONE for all the amazing comments on my blog!!!! You've totally made my day and this was so much fun!!! Can't wait til next year!!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Dancing Psycho Bitch

I had the pleasure of tuning in to some Olympic competitive ice dancing last night and had a flashback to 1994 when Tonya Harding told her ex husband to pay some asshole to smash Nancy Kerrigan's knee in before the U.S. figure skating championships in the most incredible act of psycho-bitch catty jealousy in the history of professional sports.

I started checking out Tonya's web presence and found her website to be absolutely fascinating. Particularly the 'Adults Only' section. There are 1594 sexual fantasies published on her website-highly descriptive fantasy stories about screwing Tonya submitted by men and women from all over the world in the past 10 years. There is also a link to the sex tape from her wedding night which can be downloaded at a nominal cost (or I heard you can watch it for free on if you're into that kind of thing)

These days Tonya is a fatter version of the same little psycho bitch from '94, however she claims in her Bio that she 'can still do the Triple Axle, although she doesn't feel the need to do it anymore'.

Happy Valentines To You.....

I hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day with the love of your life!!!!!  Mine has been a wonderful weekend.......some time with my sweetheart and some time in my ARTHaven.......a perfect weekend indeed!!!!
I did get some time to create this weekend and had fun doing it!!!!!  Thought I would share with you my creation as well as some cut files I designed and created for some requests I had.......
So, first I'll share with you my creation.....This is a creation using my Side Step Card template I created and shared the other day........Well I finally created a card with well as used some of my rubberstamps and my new Blick Alcohol Markers.........So, what do you think???????
 PDC Me and My House Card and Box 2-14-2010 (2) PDC Me and My House Card and Box 2-14-2010 (4) PDC Me and My House Card and Box 2-14-2010 (5) PDC Me and My House Card and Box 2-14-2010 (7)
PDC Me and My House Card and Box 2-14-2010 (10)

There were alot of steps in creating this.....In the process I created a new Cut File set.....the 9 Point Flower Nesting Set........If you liked it you may download it....just click the below image and it will take you to the page on my website......

PDC 9 Tip Shaplie Flower 2-14-2010
PDC 9 Tip Nesting Flower 2-14-2010
I also had a request for a couple of other files as I thought I would share them with you as well!!!!! 

PDC Cut Line Hearts with Corner 2-13-2010
PDC Cut Line Hearts with Corner 2-13-2010   

PDC Cut Lines Hearts 2-13-2010
PDC Cut Lines Hearts 2-13-2010

PDC Fancy Edge Book 2-3-2010
PDC Fancy Edge Book 2-3-2010

PDC Spinner Card with Inside Layer 2-13-2010
PDC Spinner Card with Inside Layer 2-13-2010

PDC Side Step Card with Decorataive Layer 1-28-2010
PDC Side Step Card with Decorataive Layer 1-28-2010 now you know what fun I had this weekend....I as always....want to THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to visit with me!!!! I pray you all are having a very blessed day and I hope you will stop by again....until then....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holodeck complete / Chico's back

I just finished the last coat of paint on the new green machine. All I need to do now is set up my lights and hire some flaked out actress chicks to perform alongside Chico in the upcoming motion picture Chico's Revenge 4 ( Enough is Enough!). Actor Tyler Grace AKA This Guy, AKA Skybag, T-Bird, Skylar May, T-roof, T-Bag, has said in a recent interview that this will be the zenith of the pinnacle of his acting career.
"I've spent enough time dickin' around on Myspace and it's time to get real and let the world know that this hay ride is over", said Tyler regarding his lack of recognition in the industry.
"One thing I learned at Humber comedy class is that comedy is a serious business and if laughs were dollars, I'd have a couple hundred thousand bucks in my freezer you fuckin' piece of shit".
Grace is pretty confident that CR4 Enough is Enough will be a hit and everyone will be buzzing about the fact that they tweeted the clip all over their facebook.

In addition Tyler Grace is now on the Smearballs roster as a bonified contributor to the blogsox. Welcome to the team Skybeef!

This is some next level shit

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Magic Carpet Ride......

This post will remain at the top until February 15, 2010
How EXCITING!!!! Today is the FIRST day of the One World One Heart event!!!!  I hope you all that have blogs will choose to jump on the carpet and go soaring through the internet with us from one blog to another.......stopping by to leave a comment and have a chance to win some AWESOME ART!!!!! 2010
I'm THRILLED to share that I TOO am joining in on the journey!!!!!  I have two gifties I will be awarding to the lucky winners....Well I certainly HOPE you'll feel lucky if you win!!!!!
Here's my goodies....I'm showing a couple pictures of the two items just so you can see how they look in detail!!!!
My first give-a-way is a Handmade Book/Journal....I used some AWESOME K&C Papers and ran them through my Cuttlebug and used my FAV Tim Holtz Distress Walnut Stain Ink Pad to distress.......Like my handmade grunge rose???  I actually just used cardstock......covered the back with versmark ink....coated with clear embossing powder on the back...the front I colored with Distress Inks, Peeled Paint, Fired Brick & Mustard Seed....ran through the Cuttlebug and then distress with Walnut Stain Ink.....then I coated with Versamark and coated with clear embossing powder and embossed........I added brown and pearl dots and created the design and a gorgeous wire ribbon!!!! 
I would LOVE to have you leave a comment and let me know if you would like to win this item......
HANDMADE BOOK/JOURNALPDC OWOH Gift 1-25-2010 (3) PDC OWOH Gift 1-25-2010 (6) PDC OWOH Gift 1-25-2010 (7) PDC OWOH Gift 1-25-2010 (9)
The Second Give-A-Way is a CD of My Digital Stamps........This has over a hundred of my digital stamps.....perfect for sizing to your liking and then coloring with the medium of your choice.....Copics, Sharpies, Bics, Watercolor Pencils, chalks....the list goes one and on.....I hope you might find this interesting to have and would want to leave a message for a chance to win...
My Digital Stamps CD Collection PDC OWOH CD Gift 1-25-2010 (2)PDC OWOH CD Gift 1-25-2010
So.............These are MY Give-A-Ways.......Are you interested???? Would you love the chance to win?????  If so, please leave me a comment on this post.......Be sure please to add your email addy in your post so I have a way to contact you should you be the lucky winner.....I will be using to determine the winner when our Magic Carpet Ride Glides in from it's Journey on February 15, 2010!!!!!  Off we Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo..............!!!!
P.S.....I hope you have a VERY blessed day!!!
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