Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ultimate Theming - make a matching desktop

Here are three themes that would make your desktop seemlesly match with firefox and iGoogle or just Google.
What you need is Firefox 3.6 and above (in order to use Firefox Personas), a personal iGoogle page, or at least a google account and some wallpapersr which can be found here, of course.

Theme number One: Lord of the Rings


get the Firefox perosna One Ring to Rule Them All
Download the desktop backgrounds below.
 And you can use these as Google Backgrounds too. (Change Background>From My Computer>Browse). I recommend the second wallpaper as  google background.

Theme number Two: The Raindrop


get the Firefox persona Raindrop Green
Click the image to save the wallpaper.
In order the change the Google background image, you can use the one that you downloaded here, or at google home page, go to Change Background>Public Gallery and in the Search box type: "raindrops in green by silfiriel" (without quote marks), and you can select the image.

Theme number Three: The Ultimate Theme -Pink Sunset


Firefox Persona Purple Pines Sunset
You can find the iGoogle theme here.
Click and download the wallpaper below
You can use this image as a Google background by uploading it. (Change Backgound>From My Computer>Browse)

If you are using Vista or Windows 7 or even Ubuntu 10.04 you can also change the color of the window borders and the taskbar.

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone…..We’re half way through a week and then a 3 day weekend!!! Wahoooooooooooooooo……I had a couple of requests for cut files last night so I thought I would share them with you….and then I also had created 2 new digi stamps and thought maybe some might have a use for them????
Click the images of the digi stamps and they will take you to the page on my Windows Live account to download them….
PDC Friendship Digi 6-29-2010 PDC Scallop Doillie Digi Frame with Phrases 6-28-2010
Now with this Circle Digi Stamp you’ll find that it’s on LAYERS so you can close the eyes on the sentiments you don’t want to use at the current time…..Also in the preview of it on my Windows Live account you’ll notice the background looks black…that’s because it’s a png format so the surrounding area around the file is transparent causing it to look black…I assure you it’s not…
PDC Snowflake 1 Shaplie 6-29-2010
PDC Snowflake 1 Nestie 6-29-2010
PDC Snowflake 2 Shaplie 6-29-2010PDC Snowflake 2 Nestie 6-29-2010
PDC Apron Card Template 6-29-2010
PDC Apron Card Template 6-29-2010
Okie Dokie…..that does it for me for today….gotta get ready to go to work….Sure hope you might like some of these…As always, THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…I pray you all have a very blessed day…and I hope you will come by to visit with me again….Until next time….

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Free

Getting arrested was an awesome experience. Especially when the police were taunting everyone and telling us when we were standing handcuffed in the rain for hours on end, that was part of the "punishment".

But hey, what's 10 hours of your life being physically restrained and mocked by the people who are supposed to protect you. Everyone I could see was caught in the riot push. They gave no messages or warnings. People would have just left (hence why we all stared volunteering to be arrested!).

To all the ignorant people saying "you should not have been in that area" (i was one of those people the day before), but when I checked it out for real (away from the media) I found it all to be fun, engaging and peacefull at all times on Sunday. To me, that is the same mentality as saying that a girl who wears a low cut top deserved to be sexually assaulted.

People are not realizing that most people lived or worked in the area that got arrested. There is always going to be people there. If it was that unsafe, close the business' and don't release official messages stating "Toronto is open for business!". It's Toronto. It's densely populated. No one deserved to be cuffed and dragged around the pavement when it was clear that no one was a threat.

What the police are saying and what the reality was on the ground are vastly different things. I wonder if they have more of an agenda to hide something?

Why did they take 35 mins to put out a car fire but were able to release 2 statements from their public relations office about the fire in that time span? A lot of bullshit happened and I got stuck in the middle.

This happens in Iran and we freak out. It happens in Canada and people claim the people had it coming. Great example for the world our country and others claim to set the standard for.

Here is a Vizz someone put together who was in the crowd. I'm at the 4:20 mark on the left hand side holding my shirt over my head.

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jail Bird

It's a crying shame that this G20 business had to interrupt Yoga Week here at Smearballs but nonetheless here is another up date on the chaos. Close friend and fellow Smearballer Tyler Grace has found himself as one of many that were arrested Sunday night at the massive Queen and Spadina police crackdown. I was tipped off when my uncle Evan called me from Orillia to tell me that he had seen Tyler being arrested live on tv. Grace, 34, is being accused as the mastermind behind the feces on the American Apparel mannequins.

My First 2 Altered Book Pages…..

Ok……So 2 posts in one day…You definately know where I’ve been able to spend most of my day!!!! 

My ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group is taking on the challenge of creating our own Altered Books…….We are being led by our AMAZING ARTist friend Eileen Bellomo who in the blogworld has a blog Named artsaveslives and another AMAZING ARTist…Diann Scholl and her blog is Diann’s ARTspot…… Eileen has created a blog dedicated strictly to our Altered Book Challenge called The Altered Book Journey .

It really is alot of fun…….I have FINALLY completed my first 2 pages and thought I would share them with you here…..

  PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (3) PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (4)  PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (1)PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (5)PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (6) PDC Altered Book 1st 2 pages 6-27-2010 (7)

It seems so intimidating to me but so fulfilling when you have a page come together…….So now I have two pages done and a gazillion more to go!!!! Would love to hear what you think about them…And if you want to take on the challenge for yourself, please feel free to jump on over to The Altered Book Journey and play along!!!

Again…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me again……I do hope you will come by again..and I pray you have a very blessed week!!!!

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Time to Play….

Hey Everyone…I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Sunday….It’s been a hot humid day today…did a few things around the house then have been in my ARTHaven the remainder of the time…..It’s been fun…..
I recently joined a new community in our Cyber World called Crafter’s Digital Art Center seems like it’s going to be a pretty cool community…It’s geared alot around digi images and the like!!!  I went ahead and jumped in and entered into a Challenge that is going on til the end of the month…I used one of the images in the group by Priscilla Styles….and it’s definately outside of what I generally do but was happy with how it came out…….
PDC Challenge for fdkoc 6-27-2010 (2)PDC Challenge for fdkoc 6-27-2010 (1)  PDC Challenge for fdkoc 6-27-2010 (4)
I used My Shaplie files  in creating the card…Surprise Surprise HUH….LOL  And in creating the design I took my file back into Inkscape and changed one of the layers into a “stitch line”…..Then drew the “stitch line” with my Cri-Kit pens…then colored in with black sharpie and then went over the top of that with an embossing pen and coated the “stiches” in clear embossing powder and heat embossed the “stiches”…they turned out really cute…..
I had printed off two images of the digi stamp and cut out just the teddy bear and then colored brown…then covered the bear with glossy accents and then covered the bear with brown flocking…to make him “fuzzy”… really turned out cute….attached foam dots to him and no it looks like she’s holding him out!!!
The phrase “Sure am Missing You” I typed out in SCAL2 and used one of the Cri-Kit Single Line Fonts……they are AWESOME to really being able to write with your Cricut and not have the white spaces in the fonts…..I’ll be thrilled when they come out with more fonts cause I’ll definately be buying them!!!! Of course I used one of My Shaplie files for the phrase tag……
I also used my Zutter Distressing Tool….which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to distress the edges of the card base and the pink layer…I love the “grungy” look it gives the card……I thought about adding ribbon to the card but found some of the eyelet border trim in my ribbon drawer and it just spoke to me so I added it around the Layer to be adhered to the card base….Kind of over the top I know…but I REALLY do like the look….Of course you can see that I ran through my Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots embossing sleeve…..and then added my bling to the card…..Overall I’m happy with how this turned out….
But I had a few “scraps” on my ART desk once the  card was done so I decided to challenge myself to make another card from the remaining pieces……I needed to make a Thank You card so I figured why not…….
PDC Scraps Thanks Card 6-27-2010 (2) PDC Scraps Thanks Card 6-27-2010 (3) PDC Scraps Thanks Card 6-27-2010 (4)
You know the piece from where you print off the 3 pieces of cardstock in the size Nestie to form the “embossed” edge of your nestie…well I decided to use that on this card……and then I had a left over printed digi of the little girl from a previous project…so I colored her and then cut her out along with the flowers……adhered them with foam dots the the nestie layer to raise up off the card……then I used some of the pink paper and green base…again ran through my Zutter Distressing Tool added some ribbon to the bottom 1/3 of the pink piece as it was 2 pieces of paper I spliced together and I wanted to cover the seam….not too bad huh…..added a bow and some bling..pretty simple but I LOVE the look of the card…I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Precious Moments!!!!
Ok….so that’s my creations so far….I hope you like them…..I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I do hope you will come by again…I pray you all have a very blessed week…until next time….
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G20 hump party (FUCK OFF LINDA!)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

G20 Stillz

I went out the last couple days with my vizzcam to check out the G20 mania. Yesterday was pretty retarded. I felt like I was at a rural Ontario apple butter and cheese festival with a big shitty parade with no cool floats. Today was a little more eventful. I followed a pillar of billowing smoke in my car to Queen & Spadina where some cars were on fire and 2 drunk women riding electric wheelchairs fought while everyone chanted 'jerry, jerry'.. "fuck you Linda"

I swung up to Queens park where a bazillion cops kicked some serious protester ass. Rubber bullets were flying as pony cops charged the crowd. They just kept forcing everyone north of the park until the crowd became a wandering mob worming through the streets eventually ending up at the perimeter of the summit barricade fence where the high pitched ring of the sound cannon immediately dispersed the crowd. It was kind of cool to see but also embarrassing to be around a lot of the shitty ignorant causers who kept yelling vague uninformed slogans like a high school spirit squad. I got some decent footage of some cop fights and the American Apparel mannequins covered in what smelled like human shit was pretty cool. It was also really interesting to see so many cops. I often wonder why people would want to be a cop. Is it to get respect, for the $, the wheels, or because they watched too many police academy movies, or just cuz it's one of the few jobs where you can shit kick a hippie ? I gotta say though, some of those chick cops in riot gear looked pretty hott.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Satria FU Modif Simple Design

New Satria F Modif both rear gear
Today, he wants to hunting cute girls with Satria FU simple modif. What else if not the modif motors that must also dress up cute! "Said M. Nursalim, SMADA students who stay in the area Pulungan Pandaan.

Doi necessarily then dressed her Suzi by Satria FU-nge-style race style emang again booming community of slang among Pandaan. Penggarapannya fully completed by Fertile, big boss emang Thole Concept which have special Specializing in daily use MODIF design style.
New Satria F Modif both rear gear
The figure's legs were closed immediately cast wheelnya, then contrived settingannya spoke wheel with R eks. Satria Tromol support for the stern and Shogi 125 for the front. "The selection of ex Tromol Suzuki products more mengampangkan coz we have the same mounting bracket New Satria F Modif both rear gear and bushing-bushingnya" Fertile straightforward.

Reaffirming accent, racing wheel racing wheel follow-up dicangkoki almu U-Shape profile of the tire circumference mated cungkring 215-17. Moreover, direct digencarkan finishing projects with a total whitewash frame with metallic green color which more and more candy aura racing.

Body setnya white stained rehearsal had additive effect with shades of pearl yellow flag start. Increasingly small and attractive appearance when keresikan backed up his body-color and luster chrome titan in some sudutnya.tito

Specification of New Satria Fu MODIF
Rim: TDR, BAN: Mizzle-Swallow, Handle: Ride It, GAS: Bungbon, Grip: Moto GP, Coil: Ride It, FOOT STEP: Posh, CAT: Lumina White Gold, chromium: Chromium Bangil AB, modifier: Thole Concept , Jl.Ry Pandaan Cow Statue, Rear Yan Motor by Fertile.
New Satria F Modif both rear gear

Satria FU Modif 2009 Sidoarjo - Positive Rebellion

Satria FU Modif 2009 Sidoarjo-Parents could forbid modifying the motor, but Faruch've already dead in love with customizing motorcycles so reckless violation of the ban doi parent. "What's important I remain respectful and not brash with parent and I'm not a drug," he argued.

Junior high school students this Sidoarjo go to five outlets will close Budhienk Modified racing style trends. After consultation with the chosen hue modifier, the results look funky racing.

Bodi appeared compelling after modification mengguyurnya Budi padepokan owners with paint galaxy. It seems unimpressed plain varnish also pointed galaxy.
Sector appear attractive legs after sleeve pretentious front, rear and standard motor Footstep washed down by AB CHROME chrome layer Bangil.

Not to forget aseso legs also installed the U-shape rim TDR model clad in front of the rear tires Duro. cand

Spesification Satria FU MODIF :
Rim: TDR, BAN: Duro 60/80-17, SOK DPN: chrome, vinyl: Ride It, Tromol DPN: trusty, Tromol BLKG: Variations, CAT: Galaxies, varnish: Galaxies, modifier: Modified Budhienk, Tenggulunan Road, Sidoarjo tel. 085 730 700 001.

Honda Vario Racing Look Concept 2010

Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
As a sniper drugs work to overcome boredom, Aswin who work as a Movement Control Apron PT.Angkasa Pura at Juanda airport in Surabaya to take steps to modify the Honda Vario Racing Look Concept besutan apt introduction to this work.

Low Rider still be modif racing look concept, "While working in Surabaya, loss MODIF coz if not all accessories are widely available here," said this man Makassar origin.
MODIF Vario Racing Look own loot that was started by mengcustom feet wide footprint.

Application of the front rim behind the property with Tromol Suzuki Jimny car he had designed himself in turner from the factory default orsi Tromol materials.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
"I'd rather own my idea like a triangle with a wide front, turned away-turned even the steering wheel and the bracket itself was pure from my designs even kubikin own rear fender from ingredients in fiber," added the boarding house residents in Jl. 46 Manyar Sedati Supreme Sidoarjo.

Body areas are also getting creative touch on a unique-looking headlights were round headlamp foglamp owned cars and pearl white finishing elected body that still looks cool impression on this Vario Extreme modification.
Honda Vario Racing Look Concept
Specification MODIF:
Rim FRONT BACK: Suzuki Jimny, BAN: FDR 160/60/17 120/70/14 & Swallow, SCHOK BACKGROUND: Yamaha FIZR, mirror: Stage REM Handle: Brembo, TACHO: Type R, FILTER KARBU: Koso, exhaust: Honda Revo, seats: by Cak Mad, Painter: Airbrush Bhagonk Sidoarjo, MODIF TOTAL: 5 million.

The Best Mio Racing Look Modification Contest

yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum Black Motodify Solo 2010
Of the various categories that diperlombakan there is one category that followed many of the contest modification Djarum Black Motodify Solo 2009 and held at Diamond Solo Convention Centre (DSCC). Look Racing category is where this category is intended only motorcycle and dimodif matic already racing with an emphasis showbike model only with external performance as the main assessment. Flow modifications drag racing bike look, and only limited road race. In this class of Revelation Prasetiyo origin of Batu, Malang come out as winners of The Best Racing Yamaha Mio Racing Look with drag style bike.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
The owner wants to change her look more Yamaha Mio Racing Look gahar with racing style but still look beautiful. "I want this motor racing formed a pretty mean look but if the racing class is usually just rely on cut-pieces of the body but if this is all accessories included to make it more beautiful," said Wahyu. To resolve this motor takes over two months in the workshop Gepeng penggarapannya Warrior Jl. Patimura seven treatments were: N0. 12th Batu, Malang.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
Thai style in order to pursue most of the parts that used to use the country of origin of products TDR White Elephant. "I want to lift all the parts wear TDR TDR, pinging is the Thai look," he explained. On the legs of The Best Mio Racing Look adopted a fork belongs Yoshimura, for standard parts in the braking system and replaced the disc discs gusur Ride It's a Marzocchi disc brakes clamped by Brembo calipers and Brembo master. Trusty drum fingers grabbed the chrome on the wheels of gold berkelir TDR 17/140 size. On the back of adopting the standard drum Shock Daytona and custom. Some parts are experiencing changes such as order custom standard, the front cover of Nouvo Z, a standard body fairing and engine cover custom Mio.
yamaha mio racing look style the winners Mio Racing look of Djarum  Black Motodify Solo 2010
Not only the exterior part of the experience modification, the kitchen pacemaker also experienced significant changes. Rev. confessed his Mio engine jumped to 300cc. "Engine 300 cc, this is used for drag (bike). Machine self-made BMS (Bowo Motor Sport)," said Wahyu. Sections such as changing the type of engine blocks that use RRGS, piston Scorpio, crutches as stroke 5ml, 32 Keihin carburetor, intake manifold Koso, Ignition TDR, Koso oil cooler, exhaust Kawahara. Accessories variations also decorate this drag bike like all the bolts were given oil cooler, handlebar clamp, handlebar stabilizer. To sweeten the look of revelation using brushes of water services by using the Cat Warrior Gepeng Sikken.